Best Possible Car Names?

Over on Jalopnik, a writer has made a list of the ten best car names not heretofore used.

I like Raven.

Surely we can do better; Seneca, Lincoln Presidential, or maybe the Toyota Consensus.

Any ideas?

Ford Executioner.

Buick Sofa.

Cadillac Nimitz

Nissan Fart

Dodge Aardvark

Lamborghini Douchebag

Jeep Rattle-Shake

Infinity Jest

Pontiac Doortrim

Infinity Möbius

Ford Javelina

Chevrolet Arrhenius

one of those has been done, in China Lincoln offers a “Presidential” trim level on most of their models.

The Nissan Paradox

The Tesla Coil.
Or in honor of the Honda That’s, how about the Ford The, the Nissan What, or the Chevy And.

“Yugo” has a nice ring to it – it’s reminiscent of “You go, girl!”. Better check that it hasn’t already been used, though! :smiley:

My grandfather had a 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca, so that name’s already been taken. Considering AMC rolled out a Pacer less than twenty years after Edsel did, however, it seems Seneca could be revived, whether by Fiat Chrysler or another manufacturer.

That picture at your link of a Rambler Cross Country rebadged “Firechimp” reminds me that although many cars have been named after animals, the non-human primates have been neglected. How about a Gorilla, Orangutan, Gibbon, or Lemur?

You’re not the first person to think of that (note the personalized plates).

Toyota Scampi - A compact, no-nonsense 4x4 SUV, sort of like a mini-Wrangler. The kind of car a 20-something would drive to the beach in, with a surfboard sticking out the back.

Volkswagen Thing

Nissan Uber- That’ll make things fun.
Ferrari Bonito- Fast as a Tuna!
Vauxhall Flake

Vauxhall Ophame

GMC Baculum:
A 4wd four-door long bed ton-and-a-half pickup truck with factory equipped coal rolling capability, for those who need a little reassurance and compensation.

Hell, that would make even me consider buying a new one!

Black Metallic with Red ghost.

The <insert Aston Martin, Maserati, you get the picture> It Was Either This Or Get A Hair Transplant.