Best Post-Beatles Solo Song - (choose as many as you like)

I know I’ve left some good songs off the list, but I wanted an equal representation from each of the lads. I did not limit it to songs actually composed by each (you’re welcome, Ringo). Go ahead and choose as many as you like, and let me know what else you think belongs as a selection (like the entire Plastic Ono Band record).

OK people, let’s go. And Hey! Let’s be careful out there!

This time I actually waited for the poll choices to show up!

Band o/t Run–my fave of Paul’s solo albums.
Photograph–kind of bittersweet, reminds me of an old girlfriend.
What Is Life–reminds me of a different girlfriend.
Imagine–hearing it break the radio silence brought me to tears.

Besides what I voted for, I’m pretty fond of “Mull of Kintyre” by Paul, and “Dream Away” by George.

Silly Love Songs was the biggest US song of 1976, and it didn’t make the list? :wink:

Also, I like John’s Christmas song a lot more than Paul’s, both of which aren’t listed.

I did vote for Band on the Run, Live and Let Die, Photograph, and Starting Over. Sorry, George.

I loathed most of John’s post-Beatles stuff. To me, his only worthwhile songs were on his Double Fantasy album. To me, “Imagine”. “Instant Karma” and "Give Peace a Chance’, regardless of whether I agree with his sentiments or not are puerile, 4th grade rhymes with sub-competent music (again, IMO). On the other hand, his Double Fantasy album was awesome (he stopped writing political screeds and started writing music again) and if he hadn’t been killed after it, he might have gone on to an important new era for his career.

To me, the single best post-Beatles album, taken as a whole is “Band on the Run”. The album has a nice, cohesive feel, the title song is awsome. and the whole album just rocks.

I swear I have a recording somewhere of George doing a magnificent rendition of Badfinger’s “Without You” that surpasses the original and the Nilsson version, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. It’s possible I’m on crack. :wink:

Thank you for including “Beware of Darkness”, which is one of my favorite George solo songs.

Other songs I might add to the list:

John: I Found Out, Remember, Mother
Paul: Monkberry Moon Delight, Eat At Home, Dear Boy
George: Isn’t It a Pity, Apple Scruffs, Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long
Ringo: Oh My My, I’m the Greatest, Loser’s Lounge

Damn, I wish I would have remembered ‘Mother’.

I went with “Maybe I’m Amazed,” in part because of the amazing version done by the Faces.

Which I suppose could inspire the next poll - best cover of a Beatles song.

Paul’s Hope of Deliverance [Youtube] is by far his best.

I like to listen to Lennon’s “Imagine” and the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” back-to-back. I enjoy the contrast. :smiley:

Bah! you left off some of the best songs—or at least, some of my favorites—by each of the lads:

John: Watching the Wheels, Whatever Gets You Through the Night, Mind Games

Paul: Take It Away, Monkberry Moon Delight, Listen To What the Man Said [well, unless you’re discounting Wings songs. But if Wingses count, do Wilburys?]

George: All Those Years Ago, Blow Away, Awaiting On You All

RIngo: …well, okay, you have Ringo represented pretty well.

I meant to include Awaiting On You All, dunno what happened. It’s one of my very favorites among those listed.

The only others from your post I considered are Watching the Wheels, Mind Games, and Listen To What the Man Said, and, briefly, Ringo’s Goodnight Vienna.

I have to admit I’m not familiar with Monkberry Moon Delight.

Of all the Beatles’ solo albums, gotta rank George’s All Things Must Pass highest (though Plastic Ono Band is also a favorite).

In addition to my selections–and not in the list:
George: Behind that Locked Door, If Not for You
John: Mother, Watching the Wheels (both already noted as glaring omissions by other posters!)

Yar, I missed the Beatles explosion by about a decade, I think, but I remember my brothers and the neighbors and I pretending to be a vocal band in the garage on many a summer day, and it was nearly always one Wings song or another that we worked with. Just so many ways to harmonize with the man’s music!

Now I’m going to have Silly Love Songs stuck in my head all night.
Thanks :wink:

And what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know…




Very good song.
Take it away is one I like.

Add another vote for “Watching The Wheels.” For me, “Imagine” wins this one by a mile, although I did vote for a few Wings songs and “My Sweet Lord.” I’m not a fan of Paul’s post-Wings stuff.

I also like “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and, to a lesser extent, “Wonderful Christmastime” - I have a very low tolerance for Christmas songs, but somehow I don’t get tired of those.

Yeah, Silly Love Songs would have been on my list, had it been included.

As for John’s stuff being “fourth-grade rhymes”, well, I’ve got a soft spot for John, even if he did marry that talentless bitch. See, I had a tough childhood. My oldest sister was 13 years older than me; I was born in 1961. My oldest sister was a huge Beatles fan. When things got tough in the family, she’d say to me “Come on up to my room, honey, we’ll read.”

What she’d read to me was poetry from John Lennon’s book John Lennon In His Own Write. (Pen and ink drawings by Paul McCartney). I was only five when I memorized my first John Lennon poem “I sat belonely down a tree, a little birdie sang to me. . .”

My sister gave me that book for my tenth birthday.

As I grew older, I came to appreciate the British humor in a lot of the poems (or should I say ‘humour’?:p) such as the line: “There were no flies on Frank that day;
After all, why not? Wasn’t he a man with a wife and a family?”

Now, if you don’t appreciate that kind of humor, it’s not funny. Then again, my husband isn’t amused by Airplane. (“A hospital?!? What is it?!?” “It’s a big building with a lot of rooms, but that’s not important now”). To me, that’s very funny. Not to him.

So, obviously, YMMV.

As a point of interest, here are the point totals as of this writing:
Paul - 86

John - 71

George - 37

Ringo - 36