Post-Beatles faves

ok so I lied.

make something out of it? (as I perhaps not too convincingly put up my spasmodic dukes in big, swooping, backwards circles, like the Keystone Cops)

(put “post-Beatles” in search and dagnammit if I didn’t keep on getting the “wait 120 seconds” message, even after I waited well past that, repeatedly):mad:

I wish this list was a little less top forty-ish…oh wells. (never got around to listening to things like Ringo’s “Beaucoups of Blues” or anything)

Paul - “Jet”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Live or Let Die”, “Let Me Roll It” (cool riff), “Too Many People”. “Moonberry Moon Delight”

John - “Cold Turkey”, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” (dang those sax solos!), “Isolation”, “Mother”, “I Found Out”

Ringo - “It Don’t Come Easy”, “Photograph” (NB - if I ever hear the “No-No Song” ever again, I could very likely go on a Walmart bazooka rampage)

George - saving the ultimate post-Beatles gem for last (er I mean my favourite)…“What is Life”…if you’re still bummed out after hearing this song, then you’re one very, very, very bummed-out person.

There are plenty of favorite post-Beatle tunes, but since some of them have already been mentioned, I’ll go for a couple of “'Cause I’m different like that.” ones…

Paul McCartney (and Wings) - "Venus and Mars/Rock Show"

George Harrison - “Dark Horse” and "Faster"

George Harrison: “When We Was Fab,” “Devil’s Radio”

Ringo Starr: “Never Without You.”

John Lennon: “Just Like Starting Over.”

Paul McCartney: “Try Not To Cry.”

Off the cuff:

John: (Just Like) Starting Over, Instant Karma

Paul: Getting Closer, Another Day, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
George: Wah-Wah, What Is Life, Blow Away, Devil’s Radio

Ringo: Photograph*, Back Off Boogaloo, Wings

    • I had to share the video from “Concert for George”, because it hits me right in the feels.

Paul: “Let 'Em In”

Another one I like from Sir Paul: “Run, Devil, Run.”

John Lennon: Working Class Hero

My favourite post-Beatles song is George’s My Sweet Lord. I don’t care that he lifted the melody from another song. The original is a very ordinary 60s single, his is iconic (that slide guitar lick is magic). I also really like When We Was Fab.

Paul: Another Day, Maybe I’m Amazed, Live or Let Die, This One, Pipes of Peace and Once Upon a Long Ago. The last two are often criticized, especially Pipes of Peace for being too sentimental but come on, if these aren’t great melodies, I don’t know what a great melody is.

John: Woman and Jealous Guy, perhaps. I’m not a fan.

I always liked George’s 1976 retort to the “My Sweet Lord” case: “This Song.” Matter of fact, I like “This Song” much more than “My Sweet Lord.” Great promotional video, too:

Also, George’s “Crackerbox Palace.”

Somewhat ashamed to admit liking Paul’s “Junior’s Farm,” which is simplistic, ebullient, and fun and just a great Paul song.

John? WAY too much to list. “Mind Games,” maybe. Here’s a link to it with a video of John walkin’ around New York, talking to kids in Central Park, feeding an elephant at the Zoo. I just saw it for the first time myself. SO nice to see him walking around and smiling.

Here’s the “Mind Games” link.

Paul’s Hope of Deliverance was the first time he sounded like an adult post-Beatles.

George: Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp; Apple Scruffs

Ringo: Back Off Boogaloo

John: How; Instant Karma

Paul: Junk; Dear Boy; Backseat of My Car

John: Gimme Some Truth

I always said that “Maybe I’m Amazed” is one of the few solo Paul McCartney song that was as good as the best stuff he recorded with The Beatles.

Fantastic video for this song, too, directed by Godley and Creme. Ringo Starr is featured prominently in the video. Also seen in the video are Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Phil Collins, and Julian Lennon.

Another underappreciated post-Beatle favorite of mine, Paul McCartney’s “Take It Away”, had a just as star-packed video with Ringo on drums and George Martin on piano (and in the song, Ringo not only actually played drums, but George Martin also contributed on electric piano). Also noteworthily appearing is John Hurt.

Paul: Maybe I’m Amazed, Beautiful Night, My Brave Face

George: What is Life, Beautiful Girl, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Cheer Down, Devils Radio, Any Road, and I’m not sure if it counts, but Handle With Care (as Nelson Wilbury) may be my favorite song of all time.

Of all time?

Pretty much, yeah. Good lyrics, good beat, five outstanding musicians singing it out. I’ve loved that song since I first heard it in 1988 or '89. Perhaps it was that it was playing during my formative years and got locked in.

Not bad for an intended B-side.