Best Poster to Answer

This is, of course, a game thread - as per the sticky, I have looked at the first page of MPSIMS to check for other active game threads, and seeing none, have elected to proceed. I hope many will be entertained. If not, if the mods think this is a drag, I’ll bear no ill will if it’s shut down, of course.

I saw this thread today - - and the last answer was at the time by Mangetout. Very appropriate, I thought. Inspired, I have decided to make a little game.

I make up a question that clearly has a best-poster-to-answer (based on usernames), the next person gives that poster’s username, and makes their own question for another.

Frex, “Which of the Tokyo-destroying mega-monsters would be most likely to give a truthful opinion about something?”

The poster most appropriate to answer that would be me, of course.

Proceeding :

“Where can I find movies about carnival folk who bite the heads off of chickens?”

Great game idea; I’m totally stumped (although I get the feeling the answer is just beyond my reach.)


With whom would I discuss Plto and Ntzche?

Except Hubzilla would be better than you.


What places south of the equator would you recommend for loose, but god-like women?


Who’s the least useful small male for the police to talk to?


Who is always found slithering upon the deck?

That should be Amazon Floozy Goddess sorry your great flooziness.

:stuck_out_tongue: to Bosda.

Bippy and QC both have me stumped for the moment…

That would be FilmGeek.


“Where could I get good information on the ghosts of proto-humans?”


What backwards poster isn’t the Knight of Blandness?

Spectre of Pithecanthropus, of course. I won’t give another, as we still have two active.

Hal Briston.

What has six legs and stays up all night?

What is “Hal Briston” the answer to?

My knight of blandness question.

TellMeI’mNotCrazy’s genius submission. Nice one!

Qadgop the Mercotan, naturellement.

What potent potable is particularly enjoyed by swampbear?

nocturnal_tick, natch.

And with twick’s latest, that brings us back to a single active question.

This one’s got me stumped, for the moment, but I think I’ll add a second question. (since I’ve had a few opportunities to do so.)

“Do you go to Purgatory for impersonating a moderator?”

Well, if you need a hint – the swampbear reference is about the actual poster, not the user-name.