Best Posts that Never Got a Single Response

“Silence is the best weapon.” This was my mum’s motto or mantra when she I was a kid. And, you know, as I’ve grown older, I think she was probably pretty much on the money. From PR to law to marriage, institutions the world over testify to the truth of this saw. “No comment”, “Deny her the oxygen of publicity”, “There’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about” - these and many other sayings gather themselves like a great cloud of witnesses to this eternal truth.

So…with that out of the way, which are the best posts that never got a single response. You should know - maybe you posted one.

Or, thought of responding but decided silence would be more eloquent and more powerful.

Man, I was so tempted to just let this thread drop to the bottom (Irony in all that) but figured: “What the hey!”
I wrote the following post; the thread subject was** “Apologies You’ll never get to make”:**

Not so much as a raised eyebrow I tell ya!

Jeez! My humor is WASTED on you guys… :smiley:

Well, since SHAKES has fucked up the obvious joke…

And no responses. Feh. The Teeming Millions suck, I tellz ya…

I started this thread over a year ago.

And I remember being a little disappointed that my “review” of The Passion of the Christ didn’t get a single response. I was inordinately proud of that little piece of writing. (I wasn’t actually very proud of it at all, but judging from the response, the little pride I had in it was obviously inordinate.)

I would have replied to SHAKES thread but hadn’t got out of hospital at the time.

wekll, it’s certainly not a best by any means. I’m just surprised there was never a response.
Written after seeing Willie Wonka with MilliCal.

This post has become an SDMB classic. Note that 13 hours passed from the OP to Homer’s apology.

I cheerfully posted a few times about workday successes as a FileMaker geek. Hmmph. If anyone in here asks what I do for a living, I’m telling them I scrub toilets, and from now on I’m keeping my glorious triumphant days to myself.
::pout pout pout::

::mutters:: “Compared to FileMaker scripting and structure, apparently even Access and SQL query string discussions are pop culture :(”

::sulk sulk sulk::

These three threads definitely establish my profession as sufficiently nerdy and boring to glaze all eyeballs and inhibit all replies.

HAAAA!!! I love that one!