Best presents you've ever received.

I was born under the crappy present moon and my presents were well meant, but either tacky, out of date,WAY OUT OF STYLE, cheap or something I never wanted.I grew up with a mom on a pension and I didn’t expect designer stuff, but I expected stuff that I could possibly use in my life time. As a result I became the expert and returning stuff with no receipt.

Because my birthday and Xmas are within a month of each other, for some strange reason, I would get duplicate gifts from my Mom. Half the time she didn’t realize that she was giving me the same thing. One year I received a cheap (though she thought expensive. It broke before New Year’s.) watch for my birthday, then for Xmas I got a Minnie Mouse watch ( I hate Minnie Mouse.) One year I received two bathrobes (from the old lady collection at Monkey Wards.), another was gold plated necklaces from godknowswhere. I’ve received a few pieces of what she considered “good” jewelry that probably original retail cost was maybe $100 ( alot of money in her mind.) and she got it for half off. I have never worn these peices because they are not my taste and probably couldn’t get $20 for it at a pawn shop and the gemstones are really crummy.

Then getting married and have the MOMs in my life take an art class together has led to triplicate gifts. One year I received not one, not two but THREE 5 quart soup kettles. At least the one from my mother in law was a better model. (Mom gave me her old one then gave me a brand new cheap model when she heard my mother in law was buying me one.)

As a result of this psuedo traumatic experience, all I would really like for Xmas is money to be donated in my name to a local shelter/charity. It will never happen.

However, I have received a couple of cool gifts:
A 2 cd collection from Green Linnett records a collection of celtic music. From hubby. Listen to it all the time.

A heavy duty muscle massager that is now affectionaly referred to as " My Husband." bought for me when I was pregnant. Given to me by my husband, and like him, it’s ready at any time to give me pleasure :wink:

That last line had me in stiches!

Tied for worst presents:
A ceramic miniature toilet seat with a clock face in it (supposed to be a bathroom decoration). Wow.

A new car CD player that my ex-husband bought for himself and wrapped up for me for Christmas. Selfish jerk. I brought it back to the store and went on a nice shopping spree, so it didn’t turn out all bad :slight_smile:

Best presents:
When I was a kid, I got a Weeble Haunted House for my birthday, and to this day I don’t remember being so excited about a gift. I must have really wanted it.

This year for my first anniversary, my husband got me a gorgeous diamond anniversary band. I told him I thought you were supposed to be married for a long time before you got one of those, and he said that he loved me and wanted me to have it. Wow.

Best present I ever gave:
Just happened last week, so indulge me. My good friend collects otter stuff. (She’s into the rehab of oil slicked otters, etc)
She saw a terra cotta otter shaped planter on E-bay. Apparently she had seen one at an Inn once before and tried to buy it from the owners- no dice. She’s wanted it ever since. The price was too high (she’s temporarily unemployed). The next day after seeing it, I told her it was sold. She was devastated over it- really had her heart set on it. Of course, it was sold to me.

I couldn’t wait until Christmas so I gave it to her last week. She actually screamed out loud in sheer delight when she saw it, then just sat down and cried because she was so touched. What a great moment!


A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

The gift that I still remember with the greatest joy? Dr. Kern telling me that Raggedy Ann tested negative for feline leukemia.

Okay, the mushy one first: Best gifts I ever recieved were my kids. After that, well, when I was a kid we were pretty poor and when walkmans had first came out, I REALLY wanted one. I couldn’t believe it when my mom got me one for my birthday. I was around 12 or 13. I’ve never really recieved a “bad” gift. I don’t think it’s possible, I think I’d appreciate just about anything. Although my sister in law who hates me once bought my wife a “Divorce for Dummies” book! Geez… :wink:

That would be March 16th of 93. My son was my best gift,but I really didn’t like the package he was wrapped in!

The nicest present I ever got was when a fellow poster complimented one of my messages. Or it would be, if I ever post something worth complimenting. :slight_smile: I’m happy to see someone else use ‘Monkey Wards’. I heard that so much as a kid that I always think of them that way and use it instinctively. People around me think it is some sort of weird joke I just made up.

Best Present: When my husband and I got married we were really poor. I was seven months pregnant and we were desperate to get married before the baby was born so we didn’t even have a real wedding, we just got a judge to marry us during his lunch break. Every spare cent we had went towards baby things or a new apartment, we couldn’t even afford wedding rings.

A year later, we were still pretty poor, so I kept careful track of every dollar. One day, the bank statement comes in and I noticed that my husband had been making a lot of twenty dollar ATM withdrawals. Since I packed his lunch every day and I hadn’t noticed him bringing home anything new, I was pretty upset. I assumed he was spending the money on frivolous things like beer. Well, he comes home, and I angrily asked him what he spent all the money on. All he could say was “stuff”. So, I yell and give him the “lecture”.

The next day he comes home and tells me “This is what I needed all the money for” and hands me a jewelry box with a wedding ring inside! I felt so bad about yelling at him. Turns out, he thought that if he took the money out a little at a time, I wouldn’t notice and it would be a surprise.

Worst gift: I know ya’ll are probably pretty sick of hearing me rag about my mother in law, but…I don’t know why the woman even bothers buying me anything. Last Christmas she bought my husband a lot of really nice, fairly expensive clothes. Polo, Calvin Klein, ect. And what do I get? A toaster. Not even a nice toaster, one of those $8 ones that don’t even pop the toast all the way out so you have to sit there and monitor it or the toast will burn and possibly start a fire. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem at all with practical gifts. In fact, I’d rather get something I can use everyday, but that gift just sort of reeked of contempt. She could have a least got me the four slot model.

BTW, my parents always give my husband gifts that are equal in value to what they get me. Is this how it usually works with in-laws? I just feel cheated! (I know, I should be grateful and all, but still!)

The best presents are the little gifts my kids make me in class. I’m such a sucker for these things. A glitter star ornament with Kristen’s pre-school picture in the middle. A baby food jar that Lex painted and is a votive candle holder. (I display it proudly.)

My husband’s mother is dead now, but she kept the glitter star ornament with his kindergarten picture in it that he made her. We hang it on the tree now,too. It’s pretty obvious that his mother was a sucker for these things, too. :slight_smile:

The best present I ever received, (the memory still gives me shivers) was the Atari 2600 in 1983 from Santa Claus. I went through the roof when I opened it. It was just like the scene in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie was finished opening his presents and he was a little disappointed that he didn’t get the Red Rider BB gun, when his dad just happens to notice an extra present behind the bookshelf. I really wanted it, and when I didn’t get it right away, I won’t lie, I was disappointed until my dad pulled the “hey what’s that over there behind the stereo?” I sat in school everyday for an entire school year waiting in agony to go home and play “Kaboom!”, “River Raid”, “Pitfall”, and “Donkey Kong.”

I’m so shallow. The best presents I ever got:

  1. Breast enlargement for Christmas nine years ago. The day I went in for the operation was one of the happiest days of my life. My parents had been very reluctant to let me have this done, so I dragged my mom with me to a consultation. When she saw me topless, she said, “If I knew that was how you looked, I would have allowed you to have this operation a long time ago!”

  2. A Nissan NX 2000, also a gift from my parents. Sadly, the car was detroyed by a flood only 6 months after I got it. After that my parents made me get a “practical” car, and now I am stuck with a car I hate for the rest of my life, or at least until I can afford to start making car payments. (Which means I will have this car for the rst of my life.)

Can I start with the worst one and work my way up? When I was about 10, I reeaallly wanted a Barbie Dream House. My brother’s friend (he lived with us for a coupla years, and is nearly family, but I never liked him) got a Barbie Dream House BOX and filled it with paper with a small bear or something holding a tiny thing of Love’s Baby Soft perfume. What a DICK.
Best present: Commodore VIC20 for my 13th Bday. Played a knock-off of PacMan and Space Invaders.

I’ll be there
Where I’ll teach what I’ve been taught
And I’ve been taught…

My mother in law is a kind, caring lady. She knows how much I hate Christmas and all the crapola that goes with it. This, of course, makes her proceed to go out of the way to get me the things I really want ( close, but no cigar), thus making the situation all the more unbearable. It’s like, what the hell, you ask me, I tell you and you don’t even bother to get it. Why bother?" As a result, I’m very self conscious about giving gifts. I’d rather give gift certificates.

A couple of years ago I really needed some new turtlenecks in the worst way. It is all I asked. Red, Black, Navy and White. Boring, practical, affordable. That would be me. What do I get from the woman who so desperately wants to please me? Four winter/holiday printed turtle necks with cutesy designs that 1) I hate with a passion because they are stupid and do not match any thing in my wardrobe ( I have a job in the real world, you know? 2) are seasonal and cannot wear them after Jan 1. But, being the kind and benevolent DIL that I am, I say my thanks and figure to wear them once or twice during skiing and whatnot and I’ll just buy the damn turtle necks that I need for work.

I get home and I am hanging the turtlenecks up in the closet and something propels me to look at the tag. When I see the 2X size on the label, I nearly cried. I am a Medium. All I could think of was, “How fat does she think I am?” My self esteem was shattered.


I would say the best gift I have ever gotten was actually something I never got. One day I was going through my father’s drawers (as in chest of, not pants) probably looking for Playboys (I was fourteen). Of course I found none, Dad didn’t like the porno and I respect him more for it. Anyway, I found some old cheap watches in one of the drawers near the top. I asked Mom what was up with them and she told me that they were gifts in case we got too poor to buy real presents. Back in the eighties, my family often came very close to living on the street. So Dad didn’t know if he could always afford presents, so he bought these two cheap watches with the little money he had. I love my father for that. That’s also why I love the cheap gifts the best, those often come from the heart. So some of you maybe should re-evaluate what is a good gift and what is a poor gift.

Za’an kho’ku na tenshi no teeze. Kyoko Baby!