Best recent Mafia game on SDMB?

Hi everyone, I’ve been away for awhile due to work/life demands. However, I am currently sick as hell and looking for some entertainment. Can anyone recommend me a recent Mafia game that would make for an exciting read-through? Thanks in advance, TF

Mystery Mafia was pretty interesting.

Mystery Mafia was fun. Some of the mechanics were complex though. (A role copier, for example. Whoever they targeted, they got that power for use the next Night.)

I enjoyed De’endee Mafia and Lord of the Rings Mafia.

LotR Mafia was run in 2010? Grief.

I’d been happily lurking for years (I started lurking when it was the last possible chance to be a Charter member, crazily enough), and I finally signed up to get in on the mafia fun. LotR was an AWESOME game! I would not have guessed it was that long ago.