Best Silent Bob lines.

Well, someone had to do it…

no ticket

Personally, I think his expressions speak a thousand words, but I did love his speech in “Chasing Amy”, mainly because it was so unexpected!

Purple rain.

Nah, when he lost it on Jay when Jay couldn’t piece together Bob’s mime to figure out where the car was going with the Chimp in “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”.

(to Jay) Motherf*cker, what you don’t know about me, I could just about squeeze inside the Grand Canyon. Did you know that I always dreamed of being a dancer in Vegas? (dance hands)

Walking amid the rakes:

<whack> “mrhhhhhhh” <whack> “muhhhhh” <whack> “mruhhhhh”

Ohhh… SILENT Bob. Thought you was asking about Sideshow Bob. :cool:


SB: Ergo, you find yourself in a very actionable position.
Jay: Yeah.
Banky: Fine, I’ll give you half of what I make.
Jay: Half?
Banky: Half’s not good enough? Fine, I’ll give you two thirds.
Jay: Fuck that, you already said half!
SB: :rolleyes:

:eek: :rolleyes: :wally

Sorry I’m a long time fan of the SDMB and there used to be a poster named SILENT-BOB who only talked in smilies. He was Actually kinda cool.

Jay: Kids, if Silent Bob could talk, he’d remind you that when you’re camping, it’s always smart to tie your food up in a tree at night so as not to attract bears.
Silent Bob: Word.

Clerks the TV series

And I’ll admit I needed google’s help to remember that line. The Silly Bob one also makes me giggle but that’s not really his line.

Jay: So the next time you’re out camping…
SB: BEAR this tip in mind!
<both laugh in a really strange manner>

I also love the segment in the courtroom where Randall calls Bob to the stand to ask his case winning question.

(Yes, the TV series, not the movies)

There aren’t any.



It’s even funnier, because if I recall correctly, Silent Bob talks before Jay does.

His best one as well as the best line in the whole movie.