Best solutions for female moustaches?

My wife thinks that trying to get rid of it would make it come back worse. I think shaving would do that but not waxing or plucking.


I was under the impression that took multiple visits. BTW I just want solutions that are better than doing nothing and would not result in it getting worse than it was originally if she stopped doing it.

Shaving does not affect follicle activity.

I thought it was make the ends of the hairs seem thicker.

Female mustache is hot

Shaving has no effect on the hair, contrary to popular belief.

Shaving has a perceptual effect but no affect on how the actually hair grows. Hairs grow at all different rates, and some are finer than others. The follicles grow for a while then take a rest and the hair falls out. If you shave, all the hair that is growing now comes in at the same length. After a day or two it is still very short and so seems stiffer and coarser than it was before. But after enough time has passed to resume equilibrium, it ends up back where it started before shaving.

This is why there is a myth that shaving makes the hair grow back thicker.

nope. follicles have no idea what happens to a hair once it grows past the skin.

now, shaving does increase the chances of a hair becoming ingrown, which sometimes can be pulled out as a “thick” hair, but those are generally few and far between.

A shaved hair has a blunt end rather than a fine end though yeah? That can make it seem coarser.

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Plucking hurts and can cause skin irritation. Fine for stray hairs but not for extensive fields of active follicles.

Waxing requires a certain length for the wax to “grip” the hair, is painful, and can cause skin irritation. It does get rid of the hair for awhile, but you have to let it grow out again sufficiently to do it again.

Shaving results in stubble, and can cause skin irritation.

Depilatory cream dissolves the hair/stubble, but can cause skin irritation.

Laser hair removal is expensive, requires multiple visits, and doesn’t always work.

Electrolysis is expensive, requires multiple visits, can be painful, and isn’t 100$ guaranteed, either.

What about bleaching?

How did I know, from the thread title alone, that this was about the ole ball 'n chain? :smiley:

That results in a white female moustache. There hair is still there, even if it’s less visible. Whether that’s a problem or not depends on the hair - not an issue for sparse peach fuzz, a problem for actual 'stache hair.

If it’s solely an appearance issue and bleaching minimizes the appearance and no one involved minds the slight fuzziness (which may be preferable to stubble) sure, go for it. But if she has actual hair it’s still going to be there, and it may still be quite visible.

Here are some ideas:

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