Best Songs about the Future

Another vote for Jonathan Coulton’s The Future Soon. It’s the geeks’ revenge on the normal world:

*I’ll probably be some kind of scientist
Building inventions in my space lab in space
I’ll end world hunger I’ll make dolphins speak
Work through the daytime, spend my nights and weekends
Perfecting my warrior robot race
Building them one laser gun at a time
I will do my best to teach them
About life and what it’s worth
I just hope that I can keep them from destroying the Earth

Cause it’s gonna be the future soon
And I won’t always be this way
When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away
It’s gonna be the future soon
I’ve never seen it quite so clear
And when my heart is breaking I can close my eyes and it’s already *

No, it wasn’t a Jefferson Starship album at all. Although that name appeared on the front cover as a joke, the album was properly credited to Paul Kantner alone. The rotating cast of players on that album (and a couple of other Airplane-related projects) were informally referred to as the Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra (PERRO), but never Jefferson Starship. When the remaining Airplane members (minus the Hot Tuna contingent) first regrouped in 1974, Kantner and Grace Slick wanted to call the band something different, but their manager convinced them to retain the Jefferson Airplane connection, so they compromised by adopting the Jefferson Starship moniker for real.

I dunno, see, you’ve got the immediate future, like next Wednesday, or just later on, and the whole sort of sci-fi futuristic future…

I like Talking Heads’ Road to Nowhere (and Nothing But Flowers as already mentioned).

A little more obscure, Faith No More’s Land of Sunshine:

You have a winning way, so keep it
Your future
You are an angel heading for a land of sunshine
And fortune is smiling upon you
Prepare for a series of a comfortable miracles
From fasting to feasting
And life to you is a dashing, bold adventure
So sing, and rejoice
And look for the dream that keeps coming back
Your future
Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake
Cuz everything is not yet lost…

“When I’m 64”.

So there.

I’m a committed Christian. One of my favorite songs about the future is Avalon’s Picture Perfect World.

The first verse is about the Utopian/Universalist/Communist/ Humanist (name your own idealogy dream).

The last verse is about the future, after the Millenium:
“In a picture-perfect world there will be no pain,
In a picture-perfect world we’ll be free
In a picture-perfect world love is not is not in vain,
And I know we’ll be cared for, I know a world is prepared for, I know sooner or lateer we’ll be…in a picture-perfect world.”

The Bible says it, I believe it. Works for me.

Love, Phil

ElvisL1ves, I was thinking about “When I’m 64” today. Sir Paul McCartney is 66 or so, so two past his “64” due date, do we still need him, do we still lead him now that he’s older?

Personal note…I think about this because “When I’m 64” came out in 1967 or so (when I was 17 or so, so 64 was “like, ancient.” Now, I’m 55, so the age of 64 is looking at me from the horizon.

How about you, “ElvisL1ves”, how far are you from the age of 64?

Love, Phil

Hey, no fair. If you were 17 in 1967, you’re like me. If you’re 55 today, then you’re cheating!

Okay, sweetie, will the still need you, will they still lead you when you’re 64?

Love, Phil

In the hope that something similar might happen in the future, I will vote for Imagine by John Lennon.

Wouldn’t it be nice

Beach Boys

From Be Bop Deluxe, “Life in the Air Age”: