Best Stargate series

I never watched them when they originally aired, but I started recently watching SG-1 on DVD and I’m about half way through.

So tell me which you think is best, including the newfangled one which I haven’t watched yet.

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The movie gets a lot of credit for establishing the setting and premise, but SG-1 defined and owned it. Never even heard of Infinity. I haven’t seen Atlantis, but from what I understand, while the concept is good it has more meh episodes than SG-1. SGU is looking pretty good, but it’s way too early to think about calling it the best series. SG-1 is simply the best of the lot by a long shot.

And clearly I need to track down the Wormhole X-Treme episode.

Apparently Stargate Infinity was a short-lived animated series. I’ve never actually seen it anywhere but it’s mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

I’ve seen one episode of Stargate Infinity. Trust me, you didn’t miss much.

I actually like Atlantis, but I’ve gotta vote for SG-1

Okay, who voted for Stargate Universe? Fess up.

It’s a public poll, you can click the vote tally.

Grab your torch Telcontar, it’s a public poll.

SG1 is still the best.

Wormhole X-treme!

“Hey, it’s what I do.”

SG-1, with O’Neill for me. After he left it went downhill, but was still watchable, but not nealry as likeable. Ben Browder may be a fine semi-comedic sci-fi actor, but O’Neall was just a better overall character, and interacted better with the team.

I love them all pretty equally, except Infinity, but SG-1 is what defined the universe so I voted for that.

When I had heard about Infinity I wet my pants because I love Stargate and I love cartoons so to me this was awesome times infinity. Then I got it and watched it and cried for about a week. The concept is cool, it is in the future and everyone knows about the gate and aliens are more commonplace but it was aimed at kids and there was a message to learn at the end of every epsiode. So it sucks pretty bad and you should definitly skip this version.

Same. Although I’ll go a little further than you did, I don’t think I actually enjoyed a post-O’Neill episode.

It got iffy for me, even earlier, when Daniel left, and took a few episodes to get its feet back after he returned.

So… ‘SG-1, as long as the REAL team is there, and not just returning.’

I really like Atlantis…although I hardly watch it any more, for some reason. (Haven’t watched SG-1 in a long while, either.) Never seen Universe - concept just doesn’t appeal. Never even heard of Infinity.

The movie was fine, but I thought SG-1 did the concept better, and would have been fine with SG-1 being a reboot, rather than a sequel.

I agree that SG1 was the best of the bunch, but I began to lose interest in the show when Aeryn and Crichton joined the crew, although the Farscape/SG1 mash-up episode “200” was kind of fun. By the end of the final season it was difficult for the show to hold my interest, however, as it had basically morphed into Fargate.

SGU looks promising, but I’m withholding judgment until I’m a little more confident the directors won’t fall back on the ridiculous premise used on SG1 of inhabiting planets with medievally-attired humans who speak contractionless English. I guess the dearth of contractions in speech was supposed to reinforce the medieviality of it all. All it did was make my teeth hurt as I gnashed them with rage, and that’s not taking into account my incredulity that all humanoids on every planet conveniently spoke English in the first place.

Oh, wow. As much as I love the shows & what they did with the concept, perhaps especially when they had two shows going at once–

The movie. For its use of untranslated alien language, & relatively untamed weirdness.

Of course they didn’t. I always took that as a dramatic device to get past weeks of linguistics work by Daniel.

I voted for SG-1, in particular Season 4. I’m a big fan of episodes like “Window of Opportunity” and “Upgrades”.

I voted for Atlantis, mostly because it was really the first series I watched, thanks to my roommate. I would wander through the living room and occasionally see a piece here or there of an episode. At the time, I referred to the characters as “Col. Cutieface”, “Doc Scotty,” “Big Dude,” “the Chick,” and “Rodney”–the only one whose name I knew. Sometime during the fourth season, I sucked it up and started from the beginning, and I guess the rest is history.

I really do enjoy SG-1, but I will admit I haven’t watched the whole run yet. SGU is kind of getting on my nerves with its “I wish I was BSG” feel, but I imagine I’ll get into it eventually. I’m certainly not going to stop watching, that’s just crazy talk. :slight_smile: