Best Ted Talk ever! Compost fueled cars!

A lot of TED talks are great stuff some not so much. I love the Onion’s take on this Ted Talk aboutcompost fueled cars. Don’t want to just leave a drive by link with a few short words as an intro and expect you to open the lid and discover the magic for yourself, that would be like pooping in the driveway and running away cackling in glee. And well… that would be “bad form” so I’ll 'splain it to you so you’re not all “Huh… what the hell was that about?” Don’t want that.

You see… "TED Talks"are often imbued with this mystical aura of meaningfulness not matter how mundane the topic. Enthusiastic, head nodding audience response is the rule no matter how tedious or mundane the topic or the speaker. TED speakers often use videos of their talks as quasi-marketing blurbs to show they’ve got the right stuff when talking to other groups. This Onion video is sendup of that scenario and that might be amusing to some.