Best warehouse store deals

In contrast to my Slim Jim thread, I went to Costco today and got a great deal on compact fluorescent light bulbs: a 6-pack for $2.49 (marked down from $9.99). I bought a dozen packs. It’s not like they’ll go bad, and we’re probably set for light bulbs for life.

And about a month ago, I needed to rent a car for 2 weeks. I searched the rental company sites and the bundling sites (Orbitz, Hotwire, etc.) and the best price I could get was about $500 total, give or take a few bucks. I looked for promo codes, plugged those in, and got it down to about $400. Still way too much. But then I remembered that Costco gives a rental car discount, so I went through their site, and bingo, $200.

What are some of your best warehouse store deals?

Costco booze and pills.

I saw Beefeater gin for about half the price I see it elsewhere. Cases of beer are pretty cheap. I don’t think it was the best deal, but I got a box of Chimay blue, red, white (smaller bottles) and a chalice for IIRC $13.

Pills are (numbers mostly made up) $8 for 100 ibuprofen at grocery store/pharmacy. Or $5 for 1000 pills.

It’s a so-so deal, but their Noah’s bagels are vastly superior to Sara Lee or whatever the grocery store sells, and probably cheaper than going to Noah’s. They just upped the price though, something like $5.50/dozen.

The only thing that makes something a bad deal is if it ends up going bad before you can eat it all.

Thanks for the car rental tip.

Heck yes on the pills at Costco. I bought their house (Kirkland) brand of Zyrtec (cetirizine, called Aller-tec), 365 pills for about $16-17. It’s a once-daily dose (when needed), so you can get at least a year’s supply for dirt cheap.

Our local mega warehouse store always seems to order too many of my favorite tortillas. And with a few days left before their freshness date they get marked down from 3.89 to as low as .50 per pack. When I am running low I check the freshness date on the remaining stock and mark my calendar to stop by accordingly.