Best way(s?) to re-heat leftover ribeye (med. rare)

Hey, maybe someone here has some ideas. I love fatty beef like ribeyes, cooked medium rare. But unlike leaner meats, which are damn tasty served cold & sliced thinly, leftover fat-marbled meat is pretty unappetizing.

What are some ways to deal with leftovers so they’re palatable again? I’ve experimented with tossing slices in a hot pan with … various stuff … like Worcestershire sauce and onions, but the technique needs improvement.

I’d love some sweet-spicy Asian flavors to mix things up, maybe.

Anyone here re-heat leftover meat, something other than a microwave?

I’ve yet to reheat a steak that didn’t cook it too much. I’m also interested if better meat-cookers have a better idea.


Power level three.

I’ve used leftover ribeye to make Philly cheesesteaks with what, at least to me, was good results.

I’ve had prime rib that was left over from Christmas that I vacuum sealed to keep longer. when I pulled them out, I thought, “what the hell” and just tossed the bag into a pot of cold water and put it on the stove. I took it out when the water was at a light simmer and it was perfect. It didn’t keep all of its red medium rare color, but it was tender and juicy.

I was going to suggest sous vide but that’s similar enough to what you described. However, a simmer is probably too hot. Shoot for 130-140 degrees.

Yeah, if you aren’t using a circulate, might be easier to heat up the water until it gets to 140, turn off the heat, and drop the steak in just to reheat it. You don’t even really need a vacuum seal, just a ziploc bag.

Heat up beef broth on the stove. Using tongs, lower the steak into the boiling broth for a bit. It won’t stay medium rare, but it won’t be dried out.

Thinking about it some more, I’d heat the water maybe 10-15 degs hotter and put everything in a small cooler.

I would trim off as much fat as possible and use the meat in a frittata.

I’ve reheated steaks in an oven at 200 or 250 just long enough to warm it to the bare minimum…not quite fresh off the grill quality, but not bad at all, and it doesn’t seem to make it too done for me.

Leftover steak can be thinly sliced and used in a steak salad, it’s great with some red onion, blue cheese crumbles and pieces of pear.

Another vote for sous vide

Or steak nachos.

But, in reality, leftover ribeye is as rare in our house as leftover wine. We tend to finish what we started.

I’ve had good luck trimming off the fat, and simply microwaving it for a few seconds.

Thinly slice it while cold, grill in a hot cast iron pan with onions (and optionally, peppers and mushrooms), cover with provolone cheese and load onto a toasted, lightly-mayoed hoagie roll. A top notch homemade Philly cheesesteak.

EDIT: This is pretty much what I do with all leftover steak. So I don’t have any other tried and true options to offer. Maybe a stir fry?

The external, easily trimmed fat isn’t the problem so much as the intramuscular marbling.

Rib eye hash. Seriously.

Dice potatoes, onion and what ever you like. Cut fat off of steak for the grease. Heat up fat in pan and remove. Cook up potato mix, and add cubed left over steak to heat.

Wonderful stuff. I’ve done this using left over prime rib for guests the next morning.

and another about 130 or less should do it. IME, 129=rare 132=medium rare 135=medium. If you don’t have. A sous vide cooker, do it old school - heated water in an insulated cooler - like a small Igloo. It will hold pretty close to the target temp long enough to warm your steak.

Yeah, make those peppers jalapenos(canned or fresh), and you have my preferred recipe.