Best way to get from Quakertown, PA to Philly?

I just finished a week of job training in Telford, PA (but staying in a hotel in Quakertown,) and have another week to go…but the weekend (and Monday) is mine to enjoy! I’d like to head down and spend a day in Philly, but I’m not sure of the best way. The SEPTA website wasn’t too helpful, nor was google maps, because they say there’s no way to get there, because I don’t know of a nearby town that might have a train stop.

Obviously, I’d prefer to drive to a train station, park there, and then take that in…driving around Philly doesn’t seem desirable to me. And as an added bonus, what might be a good place to get lunch or dinner at? I’d prefer cheap-ish for lunch, dinner can be mid-range…company’s paying for it, but they have a $40 a day limit. As for type of food, I like most…not a seafood person, other than that, I’m wide open for suggestions…(I guess the cheesesteak is iconic, but is it really worth it to get one? And all I know for location is to avoid the “touristy” places like Geno’s, Tony Luke’s, and Pat’s.)

There’s a SEPTA station in Doylestown, which is about half an hour from Quakertown by car.

Pat’s isn’t just for tourists. The line was there before tourists ever heard of the place (and there is always a line.) And it is the real Philly cheese steak.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about driving into Philadelphia; it’s not like Manhattan … no hour and a half jam to move a mile approaching the tunnel or bridge and much easier to find a parking place.

I’ve never been impressed by Pat’s or Geno’s. Not worth the wait or the walk. I think Tony Luke’s is awesome but honestly I have never ordered a cheesesteak there. You might try Jim’s on South St. or heck almost any hole-in-the wall pizza place can make you a decent one.

If you are thinking of training into philly and using public transportation you might want to think about and Independence Pass.