Philly dopers, Pat's or Geno's?


One word: Jim’s.

If you must limit yourself to Pat’s vs. Geno’s, go with Pat’s. It’s not great but it’s got the pedigree and the last time I did a direct comparison, I liked the Pat’s steak better than the Geno’s. Plus, Geno’s burns enough kilowatts of lighting to bring Times Square to mind. But Jim’s is better than both.


(I’m not there anymore though)


Not for the steaks, mind you, so much as the fond memories of standing on a South Philly streetcorner in the cold at 11 p.m. chowing down on a steak.

Never been to either.

The pizza place on the corner of my block in East Falls made “Best of Philly” a few years ago for their steak with everything, and they do a perfectly competent cheesesteak with fried onions for my annual steak.

If you must pick one of those two, take Pat’s.

If you have an ounce of common sense, go to Jim’s or Tony Luke’s.