Best way to heal a blister?

I have recently started taking Kickboxing Classes, and after my first 3 sessions, I have 2 monster blisters on each of my big toes. Makes it quite uncomfortable to walk, not to mention that I have to go back to another class on Monday. I already popped them, because they were pretty big, and right now I have bandaids and neosporin on them. I was wondering what the best way to heal them would be, so that they won’t be there by monday. Thanks.

Don’t know how to speed healing beyond the obvious (keep clean and dry), but your best bet to keep them from hurting is to stick a piece of moleskin over the affected areas. You can find it in the foot care section of pretty much any pharmacy.

The blisters will heal only as fast as your body lets them, and probably not by Monday. I used to remove the dead skin from blisters and cover them with a Band-Aid and some antibiotic cream. They seemed to heal faster that way, but most medical people will tell you not to remove the skin. They say doing so leaves you prone to infection.

Go immediately to your nearest drug store, or wherever you can find a store that sells foot products (like corn removers, arch supports, that sort of thing).

There are several brands on the market now, but I prefer Dr. School’s Cushlin Blister Treatment.

They are little rubber things you stick on your feet over the blister. Seals the blister and protects it from further rubbing. Helps the skin heal faster too. They stay on for 24-48 hours – and are somewhat water resistant (so you can still bathe, go swimming, etc.). Keep using them until the callous forms.

I used these in Montana, when I went hiking with brand new boots on. Works fabulously and I highly recommend them. They don’t leave little bits of glue on your feet like band aids do. Also, band aids tend to rub off and shift around as you walk (or kickbox, as the case may be). These things do not!

And whatever you do, DO NOT POP THE BLISTERS!!! (If they’ve already popped on their own, you can still use the blister treatment thingys, but be sure your feet are clean and dry before using them.)

Eva’s right! Moleskin is great for blisters anywhere on feet. I never go on a hike without it. And I always share it with those in need. I find it works in preventing reoccuring blisters, too. I just put the moleskin on the area beforehand. It works great!!

I don’t pop blisters. I know they have that protection on them for a purpose. You can get more info