Recommendations for blisters on toe?

My right big toe has had issues. Not long after I got rid of a large callus that developed a few years ago, another has developed nearby. Now it’s accompanied by 3-4 tiny whitish blisters on the “shaft” of the toe that I now feel when I walk. The inner part of the toe next door also had such a blister, now calloused over.

I’ve worn both pairs of shoes I’ve been using for a long time now, but these issues are recent. No other part of my feet has issues. As of my last checkup last year, I’m not diabetic, although the year since did bring on a few pounds, which has been sharply reduced thanks to exercise and diet soda instead of regular.

Any recommendations for dealing with this?


Or maybe just a pedicure?

How exactly did you get rid of the callus?

Scrubbing with a pumice stone over the course of a few weeks. Could’ve been much less, but my technique was iffy for a while.

And I have thought of pedicure, but I could both use something immediate for the blister soreness and opinions on whether my shoes bear blame, despite the blisters being recent.

You may have scraped with pumice too deep. How did you store the pumice, you may have gotten a skin infection from it. Use some bactricin ointment, not the cream. The kind that is like vaseline. And put on a bandaid. And white socks.

The blisters aren’t in the same place as the callus, though, and I stopped treating it months ago. No blisters as far as I know in between.

But treating them like a wound is a good idea I hadn’t considered!

The wound treatment sounds helpful, but for prevention I swear by Band-Aid blister pads. Put one anywhere your shoes seem to be rubbing (I check my feet for any soreness or redness and apply accordingly). I’m usually wearing at least one, and sometimes several, depending on what shoes I’m wearing. They should be available at most drugstores.

Shoes can definitely become a problem after a period of time. I have some that were fine, and now cause rubbing, but the blister pads prevent any damage to my feet.

Mole skin can help too.

New skin. From the smell, I’d swear it’s clear nail polish, & it goes on kind of like it, too. Paint that on the affected area; better than a band-aid in that the end can’t come off & rub another part of your foot, creating a secondary blister.

I use it as a runner; paint it on where I might get a blister & it takes a number of miles to rub off, saving my skin in the process.

If you have three or four little ones, are you sure that they are blisters and not plantar warts? Three or four little ones together and one on the toe next door sounds suspiciously more like plantar warts than blisters to me.

I had the same thought. I’ve struggled with them. They feel like i’m always walking around with a stone in my shoe.

Huh, no, I did not consider that. I hadn’t even heard of that. How can I tell? Is there a method that would cover both scenarios?

Are they filled with fluid (pus) or are they solid? On my foot, they look like small, round, solid areas of very thick callous about two mm in diameter. My preferred (and doctor abhorred) method of treatment is to cut them out with a sharp pair of side cutters. Hurts like blazes for a day then it heals nicely…usually. Cut deep enough and they don’t come back.

The ones on my toe seem to be fluid, but as I said, the one next door did too, and now it looks solid and callus-like.

Safest advice would be to show them to you physician.

Next choice would be to try one of the over the counter wart treatment. I’ve never used one so I can’t comment of effectiveness.

Third choice, start cutting at your own risk - see what happens.

Probably a doctor trip to be sure. You can google plantar warts and see pictures. They come in different shapes, sizes and appearances. I have had the little millimeter ones just under the surface that almost look like pimples trying to pop through and they can hurt like a blister. To get rid of them, there are various OTC meds that have varying levels of effectiveness. I personally wouldn’t cut them out, Compound W worked on mine, my daughter had them once and had to use the freeze stuff. There are different ways to get rid of them.

I have a doctor’s appointment, but in two weeks. What should/can I try until then that won’t make things worse? I might just go for covering, maybe Compuond W.

One option you might try is a long, hot water foot soak. At least 20 minutes at the highest, safe temperature. Plantar warts and the surrounding skin can soften to the point where you can just scrape them off with a little fingernail digging. Bloodless and painless but tedious and no promise of success.

I second the Band-aid Blister pads. I’ve used these for blisters, and they’ve helped a lot. They typically will solve the issue, though it may take some time.

I would suggest a podiatrist. What you are describing might be corns or blisters or warts or a pressure ulcer or something else entirely. Let the nice podiatrist look at them and tell you what to do.