Best way to keep my hands warm while still being able to use a pen

I have to cover a high school football game tomorrow night and it’s likely to be raining. And it’s likely to be fairly cool (low 50s, high 40s).

There is no cover at this stadium, so I have to stand along the sidelines. What method would be the best for me to keep my hands warm and still be able to use a pen to write.

I already use a big plastic bag to wrap my clipboard in, but I still have the problems of my hands freezing and/or getting wet. Most gloves that I have are either too thick and useless for holding a pen. Or too thin and they get too wet.

I was thinking of using a golf glove. Except I’m right handed and my golf glove is for the left hand.

Fingerless wool gloves.

And wear a warm hat with earflaps, and more sweaters and wool pants than you need. If the rest of your body is overheating, you can afford to lose tons of heat through your hands, so you’ll keep circulating blood to them.

Given this is tomorrow, you can’t do this, but normally if you avoid wearing gloves on an everyday basis, your hands will accustom to being colder, and you will stop shutting down circulation to them as much… But that would take several weeks to have any effect.

Weight lifting and bicycling gloves have open fingers.

Here are some heated hunting gloves with rubberized gripping finger surfaces.

The last time I went to this place to cover a game (Edwards AFB), it was going to be cold and windy, but not rainy. So I bought a ski mask type deal. I went to the store, bought it and they asked me if I needed a bag. I said no I’d just wear it. I wonder if they thought I was going to rob a liquor store.

Go to Marshalls or Ross or someplace and get some inexpensive leather driving gloves. Those should work fine, and cost you about $20.

And you can get them tonite.

Thanks for the tip. There is a sporting goods store that has a lot of this stuff that’s directly on the way to where I’m going.

I know for people who live in real cold climes, the 50 degrees isn’t bad, but for a Southern California kid, it’s downright frigid.

Get a clear plastic bag that is big enough to cover both your clipboard and your writing hand. Then close up the end of this tightly enough to keep the rain & most of the drafts out. That should keep your hand dry & warm enough to work. Get a good warm glove for the other hand.

So this is the Michael Jackson “one glove” solution.

I’m checking the weather forecast a lot and I’m finding a conflict.

The Air Force forecast says it won’t rain tomorrow night at Edwards AFB. The NWS says there is an 80% chance.


Well, the Air Force should know.

They have the weather control satellites.


Write REALLY fast :slight_smile:

How about a tape recorder instead of a pen?

You could sacrifice a pair of cheap gloves and cut out the inside edge of the thumb and forefinger, giving you the minimum exposure needed to grip a pen… I am not sure how well this would work, though, as I’ve never tried it.

Stop at a sporting goods store and get a catalytic hand warmer. If you will need something long term, get a Jon-E hand warmer. Put it in your pocket, and reach in when you aren’t writing. Thin leather gloves don’t do much good in cold weather, especially if it is raining.

Hmm, that last idea sounds cool. I wonder how much one costs. I can keep every other part of me warm. Head, neck, arms, legs, feet.

The hands are always the tricky part.

cover your hands in vaseline, then put on rubber surgical gloves. It will feel squishy but will insulate extremely well.

One way of holding on to a pen with gloves is Velcro® strips. If your gloves are fuzzy, you’ll need only the hook side of the tape on the pen. That will mate with the fuzz on the gloves. Otherwise, stick a ring of hook tape on the pen, and fuzz tape on the thumb and forefinger of your glove. That way, if you absent-mindedly wipe your face with your hand, the fuzz tape won’t scratch your skin.

Heck, for a dollar or two you should be able to get a pair of those little stretchy gloves with those bumpy rubbery things on the palm-sides. I’ve never had any trouble holding a pen whilst wearing them.

My daughter plays flute in marching band. They just got new uniforms with thin gloves that they can wear while playing. With their old uniforms, they wore regular white gloves with the fingers cut off.

She now wears fingerless gloves all the time, when playing piano, homework, etc.

Personally, I have been a fan of “hand spats” for about 25 years. In college, I started with socks with holes cut in them. They were useful, say, if you had something that was growing increasingly smaller that you needed to grasp between your thumb and forefinger, and occasionally pass to another person. :smiley:

Then my mom knitted me a couple pair. Lately, they have been increasingly easy to find. Got my last pair at the supermarket. Tho I no londer need them for the same purpose as in college. :frowning:

Turn it inside out.

Get back to work Mr. Cratchit, and no you can’t waste any more of my precious coal.