Cheap Warm Gloves: Recommendations?

I just came in from shoveling snow and my fingers are freezing.

Any recommendations?


I use mittens for things like shovelling. Gloves are for walking when I can tuck my hands up in my sleeves and not have them hanging out in the cold.

I had (and lost) some $10 ski gloves from walmart (don’t know the brand) that were warm enough to use on my motorcycle and enough to make your hands sweat otherwise.

Go to a sporting goods store like Dick’s or try a super grocery store–the kind with apparel.

I once spent a half hour on Amazon trying to find the same thing and just couldn’t find a damned thing.

there are gloves with silvered mylar threads that reflect body heat. these are a loose weave and are worn inside an insulating glove/mitten. they make a major difference. can get socks also.

i did find these at hunting/outdoor type stores or mail order.

Walmart. Work gloves that look good enough to wear elsewhere. $8-$9.

I’ve gotten two pair of Isotoners with Thinsulate at Target for around $12. One pair is all leather, the other has leather fully on the back, and palm/fingers. (Most traditional Isotoners just have strips of leather and are mostly stretchy fabric. I like those too. Well, I just love gloves, period. :))

The Thinsulate makes them really warm. I don’t live in a really cold climate though so if you’re in International Falls, Minnesota, you might take this for what it’s worth.

Wear a pair of those thin, stretchy gloves as a liner.

Yeah latex rubber exam gloves. They are surprisingly warm and also handy for messy tasks like changing oil.