Best Way to Make a Difference?

What’s the best way for an American to make a difference politically?

Of particular interest to me are good ways that would come easily to someone who’s shy, and who doesn’t have a million dollars to make a 527 ad. Should I constantly write to my representatives? Should I tirelessly read bills going on to state and federal house and senate floors, and make suggestions?

What can a regular joe who feels like more needs to happen do?

What do you mean by “Make a difference politically ?” Can you be more specific? Does that mean you want to play a bigger role in the political process? Work to get more candidates from your party elected? Work to enact different policies? I think the advise people have for you may differ according to what your aim is.

I’ll throw out one thing: Local politics may seem like small potatoes when you think about things like war and health care coverage and such, but it’s at the local and state level that you have a fantastic opportunity to make a difference.

Find a group that promotes a cause you believe in, and volunteer.