Best Way to Retrieve Item from Munich Airport?

Recently I flew back to San Francisco from Istanbul and had a plane change in Munich, Germany.

Unfortunately I left my Kindle in the seatback pocket and didn’t realize until it was too late to return without missing my connection.

Fortunately, the flight crew found it and handed it off to Munich’s Lost and Found people.

Unfortunately, they tell me they can’t ship it to me. I have to arrange for someone/some service to come get it and have them ship it to me.

I’ve never needed to do anything like that, so any thoughts on the best way to get an unpackaged item picked up, packaged, and shipped to me? At a cost that doesn’t make it better for me to just upgrade to the Kindle 3?

to have another Doper who’ll be flying out of Munich next week pick up your Kindle and bring it on his flight to the US. If my arrival at the airport isn’t delayed, I should be able to retrieve it. FedEx or US Mail can get it the rest of the way to you in San Francisco. I promise I’ll put it in my backpack and not take it out!

PM me for arrangements.

Wow, that would be incredibly nice of you.

I’ll confirm with them that I can release it to be picked up by an individual and PM you.

Fingers crossed.

This sounds like the beginning of either a spy novel, or a locked-up-in-Turkish-prison-for-agreeing-to-transport-stranger’s-belongings novel.

obfusciatrist, the girl knows too much. You know what to do…

Why, yes, there is just the one copy of post #5, why do you ask?

Tell us if it worked. If not you could PM me.

Has anyone seen needscoffee today?

The chair is against the wall and John has a long mustache.

But wouldn’t you then be violating the rule of taking something on the plane that someone you didn’t know has given to you? Man, you are sooooooooooooo going to be stripped searched at security…

Which may have been the idea in the first place. Caractacus may be making a couple of new friends as we [del]speak[/del] type.

Should I be afraid to google “Kindle Bomb”

I’ll make sure to wear my “Home of the Whopper!” t-back thong!

Mission half-accomplished! Kindle is in my possession. It’s not in the US yet–I’m writing this from the “Cabin Found” office.

Surly Chick, I haven’t checked in yet. If you don’t hear from me in the next day or so, you’ll know they confiscated the Kindle and me.

I’ve seen people look all thoughtful at that question and go “well, I don’t really know the nice lady from whom I bought these magazines at the newsstand, will that be a problem?”

My mother says the greatest advantage of being officially an Old Lady is that she can pull shit like that and have the other person knuckle down rather than berate her for being a smartass.

Do they still ask those questions in European airports? In the US, at least, they’ve stopped doing so.

Last time I was in Europe they did. But that was a year ago. Good luck, Caractacus. I hope they use lots of lube during the cavity search…

Oh yes, they still ask them. Pretty silly, as some of them are things that 99% of Spaniards travelling to visit relatives would have to submit to a bodysearch for. “Do you have something which was given to you? Do you have anything you did not package yourself?” Well, yeah, I’m bringing half a dozen care packages, d’oh.

I love the Dope.