Bette Davis Eyes (the words)

I have been all over the net and I am trying to decipher(sp?) two lines in the song Bette Davis Eyes.

I have looked in all sorts of places I went to usenet (alt.lyrics) and they keep giving me "Her hair is *HOLLOW GOLD[/]. That doesn’t make sense. It must be Harlowe (like Jean Harlowe) gold. But the people at usenet alt.lyrics tell me it can’t be as Jean Harlowe had Platinum (aka white) hair. [btw I am not sure of the spelling of Harlowe]

The second line given to me was “She’s got Greta Garbo’s STANDARD SIZE.” What is this? I assumed the line was “something something thighs” because wasn’t Greta Garbo the “leg lady.”

Anyway I even went to Kareoke sites and those Kareoke sites publish those lines too.

Could those possibly be the correct lines?

Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise

She got Greta Garbo’s stand off sighs, she’s got Bette Davis eyes

I still bust a gut watching the slap-fest video!


(Irrelevant lyrics deleted - copyright concerns - Nick)

Find the entire song here:

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Thanks Inky

Where did you get these? I can accept stand off sighs but are you sure about Hope you breathe with the crumbs she throws you?

Well, since my favorite 80’s lyric server was closed down due to legal problems I now go to…

apparently the record industry was losing money because the public had free access to the lyrics to Olivia Newton John’s “Lets Get physical” so they sued and closed the site down.

This will just stay between you and me, right?


Inky, Inky . . . no, it’s NOT all right.

If you had only quoted the relevant LINE . . . or left a hyperlink to the song in question . . . that would have been fine.

Under the Fair Use Statutes of the Copyright Law, a quotation is all right . . . a line or a paragraph in question is fine . . .quoting the entire thing is not.

When you print the entire contents, that’s not quotation, that’s reproduction – which you cannot do without the permission of the copyright owner.

Please do not do that again on this site.

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I always thought it was “Greta Garbo’s stand out THIGHS…” :slight_smile:

Markxxx – FYI, Betty Grable was the leg lady. Garbo was aloof (“I vant to be alone.”)

TubaDiva said:

Yeah, keep it clean here!! :wink:

Nah, MARLENE DEITRICH was the leg lady. She could Professor Unrath me anytime…Hubba hubba!


Gah! Finally a question that my somewhat limited intellect can answer, and bam! Right in the soup!


Man, ever since that tune came out, I thought it was, “her head is high on gold…”

As in Acapulco.

Damn! Another drug reference shot down in flames. Next they’re gonna try and tell me that Louie, Louie is about a sailor.

Well if you screw the lyrics up then is that copywrite infringing? Maybe that is why the sites are so bad. They do it on purpose.