Better Call Saul 2.01 "Switch" 2/15/16

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Starting this thread a few days early to remind people and to serve as an anticipation thread. According to IMDB, it’ll be a 10 episode season, which is too bad - I was hoping they’d go for Breaking Bad’s 13.

Open discussion for the episodes once they’ve aired - no need for spoiler boxes in that case. If you have an actual spoiler, like “the last script got leaked and here are the plot points”, that would justify a spoiler box.

Last season hit the ground running and it was consistently excellent until the dramatic change in the last episode, which didn’t resonate with me. I’m curious to see if we quickly see full blown Saul, or if it’ll still be a gradual transition.

Just noticed on my DVR channel guide that there’s now a wrapup post-show Talking Saul airing after tonight’s premiere. Like Talking Dead, it’s an hour.

Hmm… I really liked the last episode. But I’m planning to re-watch it tonight before the Season 2 opener since it’s been so long.

Thank you for the heads up!!

Same here!

Oh gad, the Grammys and Saul too! Be still my heart.

I just watched the last two episodes of season one, so I’m all set.

Good episode tonight.
Not sure if I should spoiler this or not.

I thought the obnoxious trader at the bar was the guy who had his car set on fire by Walt on BB. Did anyone else think that? It was just confirmed on Talking Saul.Mike was right in telling that guy not to go alone. Of course Mike is nearly always right.

No need to spoiler discussion about the episode.

Sorry. Dup post, ignore.

I thought maybe people might want to figure out the easter eggs themselves. But, thinking about it, they wouldn’t know it’s about an easter egg without unhiding it, would they? :smack:

It was heartbreaking seeing Jimmy and Kim hook up, knowing that their relationship will surely be blown to smithereens at some point.

Or maybe I’m just jealous due to my massive crush on Rhea Seehorn.

On TS, her and Odenkirk’s little bit on their going to Santa Fe and not talking to each other was charming.

I liked the opening. It shows what a miserable existence he’s now leading.

Ah, I didn’t look closely since I didn’t see the episode yet. I thought it was just episode discussion. The whole “Talking Saul” thing is annoying. I don’t know whether they’ll give out spoilers on that show or not. I guess boxing it is okay if it feels like some people might not want to know and they can decide for themselves.

On ‘Talking Saul’ they called Saul’s oldest iteration, (the Cinnabunn owner,) “Gene”, did they not?

I think it’s Rhea Seehorn’s acting that really makes the chemistry between her and Odenkirk’s Jimmy have such chemistry. on paper they’re a tough sell, imho. It’s sad things are going to ultimately end up bad for them… I really want them to be together and live happily ever after. I hope she doesn’t die. Heh.

Anyone else think that between seasons the writer’s changed their minds about him not taking that job?

Also… This episode solved the biggest problem I had with last season, and that’s how it ended. I still don’t really understand Jimmy’s resistance completely… but we saw that he at least entered the building…

Of course he finally did come to his senses.

I’m trying to understand what happened with the Hummer guy. Obviously Ignacio, or an associate, broke in looking for the money they had paid him and perhaps more drugs. Why did they also take the baseball cards while leaving the computer, etc.?

I suppose that the cards would be easier to fence than the computer, which would be identifiable by serial number or whatever, but the cops seemed to think it odd that it was left.

The guy was an idiot leasing something as ridiculously conspicuous as that Hummer.

I thought the baseball cards had actually been left behind with everything else (computer, tv, etc.) and it was just the guy’s story for what would have justified the break-in since he couldn’t tell the cops why it really happened.

In that case why even report the break in? He couldn’t report the money, although he nearly did and then backtracked.

I wondered that myself and the best I can come up with is that he really had the cards and faked them being stolen to try to get insurance to cover his real loss that he can’t report. If it had worked he would still have his cards and a settlement for what they’re worth. He seems stupid enough to try something like that.