Better Call Saul 2.04 "Gloves Off" 3/7/16

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Sorry the thread is a bit late.


That was Lawson, the gun dealer, that sold a gun to Walter White in Season 3 of BB

Anyone catch what Mike said as the cops showed up?

Something like; “That all you got?”

Was the kid who’s selling for Tuco before the fight Jimmy’s assistant?


Anyone remember in season one of Breaking Bad when Krazy-8 “disappeared” and Jesse went to meet with Tuco, was it mentioned why Tuco wasn’t already in charge instead of Krazy-8? Did they say he recently got out of prison?

IIRC, after Jessie was out all night selling meth, he came back with only $2600, Walt wanted to sell in bulk, so he asked Jessie - “who took Krazy-8’s place?” Jessie replied, “guy named Tuco but you can’t just bum rush a major player and start making deals.” Skinny Pete was in prison with Tuco, so he did the introduction.

I loved the fact that Krazy-8 was wearing his uniform and driving the van from his father’s furniture store.

Always fun to see some of the backstory for these characters. They really should call it the Jimmy and Mike show.

Aside from when Walter killed him (and when he got the top of his ear shot off) in BB, this was probably the only time we’ve ever seen Mike take a beating. And even then, he was in control the whole time.

Sloppy! That bag of frozen vegetables is modern, recently new Kroger brand packaging! And did Mike pay for his Mexican food with a new $10? I may have imagined that, and deleted it before I could be assed to go look.

I know, I know! Minor, trivial stuff that shouldn’t matter. I just expect better.

Yeah, they’re known for attention to detail. (Though I have to admit I didn’t notice the vegetables packaging, not being familiar with Kroger, OR the ten.)

Yeah, I noticed it about the frozen food too. Loved the ep still.

Yep, the vegetable package jumped out at me, too. I’d just been shopping at Kroger with my mom Sunday and she bought several packages and I noticed they had changed. But I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Little things like that usually get right by me until I come here and read the posts. :slight_smile: I didn’t even recognize Krazy-8. I guess it threw me that he seemed so scared of Tuco.

I recognized Krazy 8 but could not place him right away, the voice was a big help though

When Chuck was crouched up on the couch, he was prominently wearing a watch. Doesn’t everyone have to remove their watches around him?

I suspect it’s a watch you wind.

Nice to know that getting a piece of skull embedded in your neck doesn’t require going to a doctor.

Mike’s plan was clever, but it could have gone wrong pretty easily. What if the police got there either too late or too early? He could have wound up dead, considering Tuco’s violent unpredictability, or if they get there too early then Tuco walks away and is now deeply suspicious of why they showed up there at that particular time on a bogus tip. And it also relied on Tuco watching the window at the moment he pulls up and noticing the small bump of the car. If he simply doesn’t notice then it also falls apart (unless Mike improvises some other way to provoke him) and you still have the cops showing up for no reason.

He also did take a major risk putting himself on Tuco’s shit-list. When Nacho asks him why he went to so much more trouble for half the reward, he snubs him. I’m thinking this is supposed to be some sort of signal that Mike still has some vestiges of a conscience.

Yeah! And did you notice that the butterfly bandage used on Mike’s brow was a Dynarex model 3615 3/8" x 1 13/16"? They didn’t come out with this particular model butterfly bandage until 2006! What the hell is wrong with these people??!!!