Better Call Saul 2.02 "Cobbler" 2/22/16

2.01 Switch

Open discussion for content about of the episode after it airs. I would prefer if discussion based on the “next week on Better Call Saul” previews were spoiler boxed. I, and a lot of others, try to avoid them since they’re made by the marketing team, rather than the creators of the show, and so they have no respect for whether or not they ruin the story. But not a big deal.

Has anyone checked out K-Strass the Yo-Yo Guy?

Squat cobbler! :smiley:

I love Jimmy’s face when he looked up at his new sunroof. :smiley:

I mean, sometimes I worry that they take the comedy too far. There’s a lot of “bathroom” humor. But, other than the talking toilet, (which I didn’t like,) the comedic side of the series doesn’t stray that much from the same universe as ‘Breaking Bad’. I like consistency.

Lots of Jonathan Banks goodness in this one, and that bizarre ‘squat cobbler’ yarn Jimmy spun for the cops was hi-larious.

Seems there’s a bit of a plot hole, however: Pryce, to get his baseball cards back, turns the keys to the Hummer over to Nacho and his boys, who are going to chop it up and collect on the parts. But in last week’s ep it was mentioned that the car was leased. How’s he going to explain that one to the leasing company?

He probably bought it with cash, but was too dumb to realise how suspicious that looks until a cop actually started talking about the car, then did some minor damage-limitation by saying it’s leased. (Of course, if that’s true it raises the question of why the cops didn’t check it out after they got their suspions raised.)

Didn’t he mention he worked for a drug company when the cops came to his house? Seems that any decent detective would make an inquiry to the company if drug dealing was suspected.

So now we’ve seen Jimmy cross a line that Kim won’t. His extra-curricular activities may be what ultimately comes between them.

I love how he had to reassure her that they pie they were eating wasn’t involved in a video.

The cops were only in the house for a few minutes and it might only be there job to collect evidence and statement. These may have been some of the questions that the investigators had for him and why Mike didn’t want him going talking to them (or at least not alone).

My question is: Did Jimmy have to explain all that? Could he or Pryce have just said “nevermind” or even “hey guys, I found my baseball cards, they were just buried in the mess, nothing else was missing, call off the dogs” or something like that? My WAG (now that I’m thinking about it is, yes, he could have, Saul would have, Jimmy isn’t quite there yet, but he’s getting there. Saul would have picked Pryce up and walked out with him.

Which may not have stopped the investigation.

If they had simply refused to say anything further and walked out, the next step for the police may have been to go to Pryce’s employer and ask them to take an inventory of their controlled substances.

Jimmy had to give them an explanation. It had to explain how Pryce could afford the Hummer; thus the wealthy patron. And it had to be embarrassing - to explain the evasiveness - without possibly running afoul of some obscure pornography laws; thus the weird fetish. It also weirded out the cops enough that they may actually have felt uncomfortable going any further. Imagine the ribbing around the station. “You guys are really into this squat cobbler thing!”

My question is this: Is there going to be a Youtube video?

An explanation for what? Pryce is under no obligation to explain to anyone how he afforded to buy (or maybe he did actually lease) the Hummer. The police shouldn’t be able to ask him about that any more than they can ask me. Also, looking only for a few minutes, I’m seeing the cost of a Hummer ranging from $30k-$60k, it’s not like he ran out and bought a Bentley. Yes, he bought it with drug money, but he appears to live in a small home and by himself, so if that’s where he spends his money, he can probably be shown to be able to afford it, at least that’s my guess as to how they’ll weasel out of it if it comes up. It’ll be even easier if he did, in fact, lease it.

But, yes, I did get the wealthy patron thing.

As I explained, it’s not about what he’s legally obligated to tell them. They had to be given an explanation that would stop them from snooping.

Regarding the price of the car; they obviously thought it was a red flag.

Cops can ask you anything they like. You may not be obliged to give them an answer, but there’s no rule against them asking you questions. Asking people questions is a big part of their job.

Yes, he did tell the cops he does IT for a pharmaceutical company.

I’m watching it a second time and I noticed a bit of symbolism that flew right over my head the first time.

In the garage after Kim gives him the “World’s Second Best Lawyer” cup, he gets in his old car and drops the cup into the cup holder without a second thought, and the camera focuses in on it dropping easily into the holder.

At the salon, when he gets into the new, corporate supplied, car, he can’t get it into the holder, mumbles something like “must be metric” and tosses the cup aside. Once again, the camera emphasizes the episode.

Jimmy fit comfortably into his old life. He does not fit well into the new corporate life. There may also be some sort of symbolism in his tossing Kim’s gift aside, although I think it will be Kim tossing him, rather than the other way around.

It’s not clear at this point what Jimmy did with the video. I’m betting that he wouldn’t give it to the police, but have Pryce hide it in the wall for the police to take while serving a search warrant.

I thought Jimmy couldn’t fit it in the cup holder of his old car and then opened the counsel/armrest and tossed it in there. I read that as him out growing his old life and being ready to move on. But then I had no idea what to make of it not fitting in the new cup holder.

He can’t do that. Some how, and I’m not sure how, Pryce knows that the cops know that the hiding spot exists, which means they also know it’s empty so they can’t go and plant something in there for them to find*. I know that Jimmy just wants the tape ready in case the cops do come asking for it, but I’d think he could have just said that it was destroyed during the ‘lover’s spat’ and no longer exists. But I guess he did imply that more than one exists.
*Unless! Unless there was already a tape in there. That would be different. If Pryce already had a tape in there they could swap it with this one.

More so it was a gift Kim gave him that wasn’t compatible with the cup holder in his new car. Symbolism of two people (lives) not really compatible?

I don’t think so. The new car is more representative of Kim’s lifestyle than Jimmy’s.

For it to mean what you’re saying, it would have to not fit his old car.

I noticed that too. The suggested fanwank that he could have lied to the cops about it being leased is fair enough, I guess. Although I don’t think the writers actually considered it. They just wanted that ostentatious piece of crap to die its rightly death.

When they release a DVD edition of this show, it sure as hell better have the Squat Cobbler video as a bonus feature.