Better Call Saul season 6

I’m not sure I see the problem, though. The show isn’t about Masterminds who plan perfect plans, it’s about people active in the drug industry. It would seem any halfway realistic portrayal of the drug trade is going to involve people doing things of questionable wisdom, that sometimes don’t work out–note that Lalo’s plans here ultimately didn’t work that well. He ended up in a New Mexico jail for carelessly murdering the wire transfer clerk, which he barely got out of through luck and a lot of money, and he ended up actually dead from his scheme against Gus. I don’t think the intended portrayal is of perfection.

Did you read my post? In it, in the sentence you want so badly to contradict, I wrote that she could have gotten the

And actually Lalo doesn’t watch her drive away. Look at it again. He sees her locate his car and then he turns his attention to tying Jimmy up, But even if she pulled out of his parking spot and then pretended to need her glasses to drive, Lalo has to open the door to let her in or to hand the glasses to her and she fires the gun at him. This is just one of many possibilities not even involving Mike or his team of well trained guards (that Lalo can’t know have been pulled off) or the closed circuit TV that Mike could (and should) have installed in their apartment that cause Lalo’s plan to backfire on him. There are lots of ways to distract Mike’s men from the laundromat that don’t involve Jimmy or Kim or killing Howard–this was just the way the writers came up with that would get your juices flowing. It doesn’t have to make a lot of sense, and it really doesn’t.

You’re right. But I seem to be upsetting a lot of folks here by pointing out the weak points in Lalo’s scheme, which scheme mostly exists to maximize dangers for Jimmy and Kim where it should exist (from Lalo’s perspective) to get him inside the laundromat.

The plot got me, too, while I was watching it, but only afterwards I saw all the things that could have gone wrong with Lalo’s plan, and all the ways he could have gotten his objective much more surely.

That’s actually a really good analysis, I hadn’t thought of Jimmy’s abduction and reaction to W&J like that, it makes sense with what we now know happened and also fits with Jimmy’s character; he is 100% capable of such duplicity. I’m sure it wasn’t written like that in the original BB scene, in fact of course it wasn’t, but it totally fits. That’s the genius of this prequel, it has to contrive a lot in order to flow properly into BB, but it never feels contrived.

You should run with this thought. The only thing you clearly enjoy is pissing in people’s cereal, and steering the conversation into tedium and nitpickery just for the sake of nitpickery. Kim could have constructed a death ray and melted Lalo safely from a block away. She could have telepathically communicated with Mike to have him intervene.

Suggesting that Kim retrieve the gun from the car and return to “blow Lalo to Kingdom Come” has both the same likelihood of happening (you seriously don’t think Lalo hears the door open, or is going to win in a firefight with Kim? Ok.) as well as having the exact same outcome.

You may very well enjoy this sort of discussion. Scanning through this 700+ post thread suggests to me that nearly everyone else doesn’t.

You’re free to ignore my posts and I’ll be grateful if you would. I wasn’t aware that this was the “Let’s all suck Vince Gilligan’s dick” thread, as one of the nonexistent posters who never wrote in this thread at all has never written.

Eh, I think that’s a pretty visceral reaction–I like BCS and have enjoyed this entire storyline, I don’t think it’s wrong to point out Lalo’s or Kim’s or Gus’s plans have had holes in them. I don’t view them as plot holes, though, which may be where I and @Roger_That differ–my understanding of good storytelling is never that a character has to act with “perfect wisdom”, just that their actions have to follow some semblance of logic within the construct of the fictional world. I think Lalo’s actions are in line with his character–remember, he’s a Salamanca, the Salamancas as a group appear to all share one core trait–they put personal grievances and vendettas ahead of logic, good business sense, and rational thought. Lalo probably keeps his cool and is more deliberate than the other Salamancas we are shown (Tuco, Hector and the Twins), but he still has this core trait of putting grievance ahead of what might be the smartest option.

Lalo’s real smartest option would likely have been the same as Don Hector’s 20 years back–don’t fuck with Gus, Gus likely was not primed to be an enemy of the Salamancas until Don Hector killed his friend (vaguely suggested to be his lover)–and it is fairly obvious to me that while Eladio was in charge it was Hector who pushed for that outcome. There was a lot of money to have been made to have just dealt with Gus as a business partner, but the Salamancas were chronically incapable of doing that and pushed things to the point that they got all themselves killed.

Absolutely - the thread is full of comments like this, and it has led to a great discussion of the show and details that people may have missed. But it seems to me that Roger ignores these, and just labels the whole bag of us as sychophants. The thread is also full of people expressing displeasure at both the broad paintbrush as well as the constant negativity (how many times has Roger said that it’s all been too much, that he can’t anymore, etc.?). No one has suggested the writers have been perfect. It’s just tiresome, and I’m expressing my displeasure at the threadshitting.

If Roger is unhappy with this show then perhaps Roger ought to toddle on back to Miss Pat’s Playroom and allow the rest of us to enjoy the final leg of this roller coaster in blessed peace.

And the plans don’t have holes in them, what has holes in is some people’s understanding of what these characters are trying to accomplish. Jimmy wants Kim as far away from Lalo as possible–done. Kim is in shock and trying to figure out the best way to keep Jimmy alive and figures that sticking with the plan is probably her best option–done, and that does turn out to be the wisest course. Lalo wants Gus and Mike busy AF doing anything other than camping out on the laundry hole so he can figure out how to get into it to prove to Don Eladio that what he’s been scoping out from a goddamned sewer for days is for real–done, with the added bonus that Gus figures out where he’s going, and both Gus and Mike figure out that Kim has not been prepped to actually go after a target since she doesn’t know Gus from a rando henchman. So Gus, having prepped the laundry hole just in case he gets Lalo down there puts on body armor and takes a chance–and wins the game. All perfectly within character for all of them, all well set up in advance, as a repeat viewing knowing where it’s all going will show. Just because someone sees another person putting together puzzle pieces but can’t grasp what the overall picture is no matter how many pieces get put together does not mean the puzzle is defective or that anyone else watching the puzzle go together is equally clueless regarding what picture is being revealed.

It fits even better if you go back and watch both scenes. Saul’s reaction to Lalo telling him that Nacho was the one who let the killers into his house was very similar phrasing, “Nacho? That wasn’t me, I had nothing to do with it!” kind of thing.

Some, come BB era, he’s already got practice with blaming it all on Nacho.


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A good episode, with the usual good writing and direction. Maybe I’m spoiled by being able to stream/binge shows, but it seemed like there were an inordinately large number of commercials.

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I was really torn on whether or not to watch episodes as they come out, or save them on the DVR to binge near the end. I think BCS/BB improve when binged, but I can’t wait this close to the end.

never mind

I am thinking about the ending where Mike told Saul and Kim to go about their normal business and gave them a BS story to tell about Howard being high in order cover up his death.

Except Mike has no idea about the scheme the two pulled to make Howard look nuts to force a settlement, right? Is THAT scheme gonna force Mike to take even more measures to cover up Howard’s death?

His conversation with Kim in the diner when she figured out she was being followed led us to believe he had a really good idea of what they were doing.

“I do know that you’ve been up to a few things that you probably would rather keep private. I don’t care.”

OK so Mike knows.

But there still might have some loose threads to cover up with the OTHER people involved in that scheme in order prevent the police from finding out about it and Howard’s subsequent murder

Yeah, it’s certainly not wrapped up in a bow. I think it’ll likely be a big portion of the remaining episodes.