Better Call Saul 2.06 "Bali Ha'i" 3/21/16

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Poor Kim; she’s letting events cloud her judgement.

Is there any doubt the guy from the other law firm is more interested in weakening the opposition than in her mad ligating skillz?

Is Kim breaking bad?

I don’t think so. She has no intentions of cashing the check.

Ha! Reading the article reviewing last night’s episode on the New York Times they had this bit of trivia info about Tuco’s silent cousins:

“(Fun fact: One of the actors in this fraternal duo has an obscene phrase tattooed on his eyelids, which the producers of “Breaking Bad” didn’t notice until the day the pair showed up on set. A makeup artist was immediately beckoned.)”

It’s not the check cashing that’s breaking bad; it’s setting up the scam in the first place. I would think that the conflict of interest presented by the other law firm would be a much more serious form of breaking bad for Kim. She would be betraying the clients she was hired to help.
I did like the way Jimmy altered the car to accommodate the coffee mug from Kim though.

She only decided to fuck with the guy when she saw him kiss his SO good bye before heading into the bar and then hitting on her. And there is no conflict if she doesn’t work on Snadpiper and doesn’t tell the new firm any confidential information.

Maybe there would officially be no conflict, but she would go from a firm trying to get the residents a decent settlement. To working for a firm that is trying to prevent that from happening.

Take that, metric cupholder!

Pfft, not as fun if they don’t tell us what the “obscene phrase” is.

Wow. I somehow totally missed the part with him kissing his SO. That puts a totally different slant on it.

All I kept thinking was that their first victim, Ken, was trying to exploit them so she could at least tell herself that he deserved it; but this was just some innocent guy hitting on her in a bar. I was having trouble seeing Kim as being willing to mess with some relatively innocent guy.

Am I the only one who missed this?

I’m surprised Mike didn’t see how much trouble he had dug himself into - he expected someone to break into his house (hence the carbon paper and welcome mat), but seemed surprised that they followed him long enough to find and threaten the kid. I thought he would realize that without needing a direct threat, but it definitely makes for a better show. Also kind of funny how dated that scene feels - if it was set today, he could pick up some cheap, tiny surveillance cameras then check his phone to see where the guys were hiding.

I think that Howard may put on a disappointed face, but will actually be very glad to be rid of Kim. I think he was undecided about whether to keep her at the firm, then Chuck’s interference pushed him to not wanting her, but he can’t fire her because of Chuck, so starts trying to make her want to leave (move you to basement, OK you’re back but I won’t talk to you, OK I’m going to send you ditch you for the hearing, OK I’m going to jerk you around with assignments). I think that Kim’s relationship with Jimmy is going to be a problem for her at the new firm, either directly or by one of the scams blowing up, and that will push them apart.

Jimmy didn’t have much airtime, but I think what we saw is him realizing something has to change. I don’t think he plans on quitting, but I think he plans to try to make this job fit him, like he made the cupholder fit Kim’s cup (and I expect it won’t go well). I think he’s unsure enough about his respectable life that he’s not going to let the rent run out on his little back room, and that he will probably end up starting Saul from that little crappy office.

I missed it too, it’s a pretty major point and makes the whole Kim scamming thing make more sense.

And specifically they’d have to bring a new lawyer up to speed on the case to take over for her. It may be on the legal side of the line but hopping over to the opposing firm during a major class action suit would smell all kinds of fishy.

Here’s a picture.

According to his IMDB page,

Thinking about it, I think I do recall her watching a couple at another table kissing, but I never made the connection that it was the same guy at the bar later.

Jimmy and Kim are talking about her new job offer, and she seems to realize that he was much happier before she dogged him to enter the world of Big Law.

Kim: “HHM is looking more and more like a dead end for me, anyway.”

Jimmy: “Exactly. So what’s the problem?”

Kim: “I just… [chuckles] I don’t know. I keep thinking of you floating in that pool. You knew what you wanted, but I got in the way.”

Jimmy: “What are you talking about?”

Kim: “You took the Davis & Main job because of me.”

Jimmy: “I took that job because it was the right decision. A steady paycheck… done. A place to live that’s more than, oh, 5 square feet… boom. A car that’s all one color… nailed it. [chuckles] I’m good. I got what I wanted. And you, with the Schweikart thing? You could have everything you ever wanted. What’s not to love about that?”

Kim: “Yeah.”

He says all the right things so she won’t feel bad for pushing him into a job that he doesn’t like, and now that he knows she admires him for trying to be his true self, as soon as she drives away, he gets a tool out of the trunk and tears the too-small cup holder out of his car … drives off with a look of satisfaction.

I think that symbolized that he’s through …done …no more trying to fit in. From now on he’ll do it his way. Betcha next week he’ll show up wearing flashy “Saul” clothes when he takes Mike’s case.

I don’t think Kim is going to turn into a real grifter, not for profit anyway, she’s just having fun … blowing off steam from the crappy way HHM is treating her.

But there might be consequences. Like I won’t be surprised if she walks into a conference room one day to meet a new client - either at HHM, or Schweikart & Cokely - and there sits one of her “marks” - the stock broker tequilla guy, or the cheating-husband souvenir check guy …

BTW - LOVE that he sang “Bali Ha’i” on her answering machine. He is crazy about that girl!

Though he definitely needs to stick with law and Cinnabons and not try to go into nightclub singing. :wink:

Re: the cupholder.

Jimmy finally figured out how to make it work between him (the travel mug) and Kim (the cup holder), with no regard for the damage done, or how long it’ll last.

Deep, right?

Except Kim gave him the mug. So the mug represents her, being inserted into…
Oh my. Saul might be into pegging.

On another board, I saw an interesting fact from BB that might be relevant to a particular character in the future. This is just a piece of info from BB, but since it’s easy to overlook and having it pointed out might ruin a surprise for some people I spoiler tagged it.

Nothing in BB actually indicates that Nacho is still alive in that time frame. Saul tells the men who drag him into the desert that Nacho ‘did it’, not him, but the ‘it’ could be in the past when Nacho was alive or he could be lying and blaming a dead man. That means he isn’t immortal in this show the way Saul, Tuco, Mike, the cousins, and other BB characters are. So a consequence of Mike’s storyline could easily be that Nacho dies or Mike has to kill him.