Better Call Saul 2.07 "Inflatable" 3/28/16

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Great episode tonight.

Loved the colorful suit montage with the flappy noodle guy. Brilliant concept and editing.

Still watching the episode, did anyone else think Kim’s student loans were too small? I thought law school debts were usually over $50k (googling saysthat they are upwards of $80k now). $15k is a nice bonus, but doesn’t seem to me like enough to keep you stuck to a firm, its more like a used car payment for a few years and then cleared.

Didnt Jimmy get a payment from HHM for his work to date on the Sandpiper case?

I remember Breaking Bad making reference to another lawyer in Saul’s office. Not by name, perhaps, but a reference to there being other people there. I somehow doubt Kim’s still in the picture, though.

I’m hoping Kim doesn’t get disbarred over her grifting on a lark. Had the feeling there’s something in her hometown she’s not telling about.

They’ve been getting paid down for 10 years now. Since I have zero idea of how her contract worked (or what’s standard in the industry), if we say that she started at $50K and they started making payments (beginning at $50K after she was there for 3 years, that’s only $3500 a year (291+ interest/mo)* per year. That’s not that much for a firm like HHM to keep a lawyer as (independently stated) good as Kim Wexler.

*And probably less than the original amount since she was likely making payments at the beginning and it’s possible someone like Kim made some kind of payments on her own so if she left, there would be that much less debt left. Even if she kicked in an extra $50 a month for that 7 years, that would reduce the total by $4200.

OR are you saying that she owes so little that the debt, in and of itself, shouldn’t be what keeps her at HHM (since it was what one of her reservations about leaving). Let’s keep in mind that she’s driving a 15-20 year old Mitsubishi and lives in a 1-2 bedroom apartment that probably costs (at least in my area) about a grand a month plus utilities. Sure, she’s probably saving, but if I walked into her life and knew nothing about her career, I’d peg her at making 30-50K, not enough to take on a second ‘car payment’ or pay off a fifteen thousand dollar debt tomorrow just to be rid of it.

Now, Jimmy, living in a nail salon might have some extra cash that he can use to help her out.

I enjoyed this episode. I hope Omar stays connected somehow; he was one really nice feature of Davis & Main. Maybe the lack of Chuck this week helped, and more development of the main character. Kim’s solution seemed quite reasonable—they each need to be who they are, and it’s just as unfair to expect Kim to change as it is to expect Jimmy to be someone he’s not.

How about the opener with young Jimmy? The origin of Saul! Chuck was right. Dad really was a nice man. The actor who played the dad was great.

Kim working with Jimmy (even if it’s a different firm in the same office) will just be bad for her. She’ll still be sucked into his antics, and even if she isn’t, she’ll still be associated with him. The only way to distance herself from him (with that set up) would be to rent two offices in one building separated by enough physical distance the people won’t put them together. That would still give Jimmy the opportunity to see her every day without nearly as much sneaking around and he can still bankroll her.
For example, my accountant surely works in the same building as other accountants, but I couldn’t name a single one. They’re entirely other firms, I don’t give them a second thought when I go to see my CPAs and if they have anything to do with each other I wouldn’t know it and couldn’t even find out unless it was public record (which the Jimmy/Kim thing wouldn’t be if he was just renting office space for her). However, if Jimmy McGill Esq does something stupid and my lawyer is Kimberly Wexler, I don’t want to see both names on the door, even if their names are separated by the word ‘and’ (as opposed to “Wexler McGill”).
It’s totally different to go see Kim and say ‘I saw Jimmy McGill’s name when I walked in, is he that lawyer that I saw on TV hanging dangling off the billboard last year?’ and she can say 'yeah, he works in the same building, he’s a bit over the top, but he’s a good guy".

In the end, I predict this will be part of the Kim spiraling down and out. We know (well, we assume based on Breaking Bad canon) Jimmy has an ex-wife and it’s probably her, and this is all probably part of it.

I wonder if the cop who Mike’s daughter got a good vibe from was someone we know… Gomez, maybe? I thought it was a bit weird the way she mentioned him.

This show is so great. Jimmy’s montage of suits was hilarious and painful and perfect, and Kim’s solution fits her character, and her relationship with him, so well.

I thought Jimmy’s ex was back in Cicero. The recipient of the Chicago sunroof had an affair with her.

Made me wonder if all the missing money Chuck talked about was really Jimmy’s fault, if dad was giving away so much if it. I could see Jimmy letting Chuck blame him, rather than say something negative about his dad.

I enjoyed the montage, but the whole thing happened over a week or two, right? Seems like Jimmy went through way more than a couple weeks worth of outfits.

It also seems that Chuck’s version of events was partially true. Jimmy was scamming his father, but not as much as others.

So…I’m starting to think Mike is going to royally mess Uncle Hector up, and maybe that’s why he’s in a wheel chair in BB?

I wonder if Jimmy got tired of seeing dad get scammed, and the scammer just seemed so powerful, in contrast to his dad, so he said “fuck it” and decided to join in.

Dad was a sucker.

I can’t imagine the firm wouldn’t have a dress code: couldn’t Clifford tell him to stop violating it or, if they didn’t have a dress code, couldn’t they implement one or just call him in and say “dress more conservative”?

I liked that Clifford isn’t a fool and totally understood what Jimmy was doing.

That too.

From a 2012 article:

I don’t buy that someone who is a hotshot lawyer who’s being offered a partner track job with a big law firm that’s trying to poach her from another law firm is looking at only $30-$50k a year. That seems absurdly low to me (even taking into account that it was 10 years before the article). Just look at what Jimmy got - they paid for an apartment and car without even blinking, and didn’t even question a $7000 desk. Or to look at it another way, Paying off a $15k loan in 5 years is around $300/month depending on interest, so what HHM is doing for her is around $4k per year. Even if she’s making less than half of the average lawyer salary like you think, $4k per year is still just a 10% salary difference, which puts it in the ‘add up the benefits’ category and not the ‘I couldn’t possibly leave’ category.

It doesn’t really matter that much (it could have been a negotiating tactic or justification for hesitation that would seem silly the next day), but it did strike me as surprisingly low for the role it played, since it’s been mentioned several times.

I thought that Jimmy was going to get “a cut” of the action when dad went looking for the spark plugs. I guess in a way, he sort of did, though.