Better living through SDMB

I’ve been up almost all night every night for a week now, reading the SDMB archives, and now when people ask me if I ever sleep, I can tell them, “Once. In 1960. For twenty minutes.”

Just wanted to tell you that I adore your username.

And that you should go ahead and cough up the $15, because clearly you’re one of us.

Clowns will eat you if you sleep. I’m sure that Cecil has done a column on it.

But only if they think you taste funny.

Damn, I’m glad I’m not just now discovering the SDMB. It would take me forever to read through all of those old threads.

When go away, take pie with you.

  1. Hi Opal!

Actually, I often DO have pie with me…it’s blackberry season!!!

(here’s where the smilie would be, if I hadn’t recently stumbled on the fact that they are in actuality cleverly disguised surveillance devices in the service of our alien overlords.)

If they are clowns who frequent the SDMB then they might grape you while you sleep.

I realized I was spending too much time here when someone threw out some bullshit statement and I said “Cite?”