Better movie: X-files 2 or Veronica Mars?

Both X-files and Veronica Mars now have movies that are quite a bit after their show was on the air. Not only that, but both movies seem to be more or less extended episodes of the show, with some key stuff to make them “special” and “movie like”.

So, which is the better episode…uh, I mean movie?
My vote goes to X-files: I want to believe, which I think is a great episode of the show. I have no idea how it seems as a movie, but if you watched the show, it works as an episode and delivers a nice stand-alone story for X-files.

Veronica Mars is a nice movie, but it crams too much in for just one episode of the show. I liked it and was thrilled to be watching VMars again, but it felt like too much was happening. Perhaps Veronica Mars 2 will actually be a better movie(episode) for the show and will be as good as X-files 2.

Now, if we were comparing to X-files 1, VMars would win. However, I think X-files 1 is mediocre and not that great of an episode.

I know what you are all thinking. What about Serenity? OK, that is the best of the bunch by a mile, but I made some kind of random decision to focus on shows that were not canceled in season 1. I think Serenity would be the best movie and is a top, top episode of the show(which had only a few episodes anyway).


Wow, this sunk like a rock. Either I underestimated X-files and Veronica Mars fans on this board, or this was a bad idea.

Meh, I’ll give it just this one bump to see if folks like the topic and just missed it.

I liked VM much better. I really loved the first X-Files movie, but the 2nd one wasn’t as good. It didn’t suck like Sex and the City 2, but it was a letdown.

Yeah, as I said, I actually thought the first X-files movie was the disappointment. It had the pressure of being in the middle of the show. The second one was simply a stand-alone episode that also updated us on the characters. I liked that a lot more.

If they do make a third one, something I think could still happen, I hope they avoid the core story and simply make another stand alone one.