Better or Worse 3/19: "Make strange"?

In today’s For Better or For Worse, Elly is trying to convince Deanna to put her “baby”, Meredith, in day care so Deanna can go back to work. She indicates how eager Meredith is to let Elizabeth hold her and says, “Look: Meredith doesn’t make strange.”

:confused: I get what she’s saying: Meredith doesn’t react badly to Elizabeth, who is a relative stranger, so it would be okay to leave her in a daycare center. But I’ve never heard that phrase before. Is that a Canadian thing?

I have no idea… I’m from the east coast and never heard that expression before. But a quick google search confirms your translation…

Making Strange

I always heard that referred to as ‘stranger anxiety.’

‘Make strange’ sounds like one of Tonto’s lines from The Lone Ranger

I live in Ontario, where the strip is actually set. I’ve never heard that phrase before in my life.

Stuff like that pops up fast, though. Until two years ago I’d never heard “safe home” as a farewell - not “have a safe trip,” just tow two words SAFE HOME - but then all of a sudden a lot of people were doing it.

I’ve heard the expression both in the U.S. and Canada.

Sort of the opposite of “make friends.”

My mum (from PEI) has used it before, usually in the context of someone familiar acting funny or snubbing you. I thought it was a Maritimes expresssion.

I see. Thank you.

When come back make strange!


Sorry, I had to. It’s a sickness or something.