Betting with Quatloos , etc

OK, we have a rule no betting, and that is fine.

But can we say something like “I wager 100000 quatloos that wont occur!”?

Or just “I bet that wont happen.”

Do the rules against betting only refer to real bets?

I’ll bet 10,000 quatloos that it’s only real bets that are against the rules.



Quatloo bets haved to be placed on the newcomer.

I would bet the farm that the answer is “yes.”

Betting for pretend money should be fine. All parties should be aware it is a bet of no value and it should not involves stunts, leaving the board or anything else of real consequences.

So we are cool to bet on Canadian dollars? :stuck_out_tongue:

Canada is real, its Delaware & Belgium that are made up I thought?

If they act on this report, all bets are off.

I see your 10000 and raise it another 10000.

Canada is real, I’m not disputing that - but is their money real, or is it more like monopoly money?

Although apparently if you die in Canada you die in real life!

No you don’t. That’s just a webcomic.

May I present Space Money? It’s not Time Money.

Not mine, but I do have a stack of it and have photographed it all over the world.

Isn’t betting with quatloos a meaningless gesture? I thought the whole point of placing a bet on some disagreement was to essentially separate out those people who are just posting empty talk from those people who are willing to back up what they’re saying with the possibility of facing real consequences. The old cliche is money talks and bullshit walks. But that doesn’t apply when you’re using bullshit as currency.

Isnt this whole board kinda pointless if you come right down to it?

Look, it is kinda fun to say “I bet 100000 quatloos that the GOP will not nominate a woman for Prez in 2024”.

If you dont find that fun, dont do it.

I don’t find conversation pointless. I like discussing things with other people, even if it’s being done online.

And I feel there’s a distinction between a person saying they are certain something will happen when there are no consequences to being right or wrong and a person saying they are certain of their prediction when there are significant consequences. That willingness to accept the consequences backs up the sincerity of their statement.

I feel conversations are generally better when there is a potential check on the use of hyperbole and wild speculation. Making bets can do that.

But I recognize making bets can also cause a lot of problems on the board which are more harmful than loose talk and I understand why the administration forbids it.

Tiresome and not particularly funny.

Where in the rules do we forbid betting, I know it is in GD and P&E rule threads but I can’t find a general rule in the FAQ or anywhere else I looked.

I remember after the Bricker incident it was decided to end all betting but I can’t find that either.
This thread has it, I’ll pin it and then see about integrating it with the main FAQ.

Betting with Quatloos is just a for fun bet or a gentlemen’s bet.
It could also be used jerkishly with the Put up or Shut up approach. That is pretty much a form of bullying.