Betty Blue FINALLY on DVD! just notified me that Betty Blue will be released on DVD on October 12th.


I have a bootleg VHS copy I made from a rental when I couldn’t find a used copy to buy. (This was before eBay.) I have the LaserDisc. I have the South Korean censored Director’s Cut on DVD. Now I’ll finally be able to get this great film on DVD, I assume uncensored.

Neato mosquito! :slight_smile:

Cool :). I’m fond of that slightly disturbing film.

My French teacher(s) in High School were fairly cool and in addition to non-R fare like Truffaut’s L’Argent de Poche and La Boum, we also saw films like Diva and La Balance ( itself just recently released - sadly it didn’t hold up to my 20-year old memory ). So after I graduated in '85, Betty Blue was the first French film I saw on my own based on having liked Beinieix’s Diva.

I remember being a bit surprised at that riveting opening scene :D. But it really was engrossing and increasingly unsettling as you started to realize there truly was something wrong with her and she started unravelling in a big way.

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I don’t remember much, but I do know it was a disturbing and beautiful looking movie.

I first saw Betty Blue at the Royal Theatre in West L.A. I’d just met this girl, and it was our first date. Neither of us knew anything about the film, except that it was getting good reviews. The opening scene was a little uncomfortable on a first date! :o

Betty Blue is one of my all-time favourite films. It’s outrageously funny, and it’s terribly tragic. I like the soundtrack, too. (I have it on CD. I don’t remember if I have it on vinyl.)

I was very disappointed by the South Korean issue of the Director’s Cut. I know what naughty bits look like, and I’ve seen the film so many times that the nudity is a non-issue. The SK issue has “fuzzy blobs” covering the genitals. This served to draw attention to the area and was rather distracting.

Some of the added scenes helped to answer questions I had, and were a good addition. On the other hand, there were a couple of scenes that I thought didn’t really add to the story in a meaningful way, and slowed it down a bit.

My favourite line from the film: “Your place will be very Zen.”


Sounds like it’s going to be three hours at 37.2°.

The South Korean version of the Director’s Cut is 177 minutes. Actually, what I meant by “censored” was the fuzzy blobs over the naughty bits.