Beware the creepy talking apples

When I was a kid THIS commercial freaked me out. Now I’m old and THIS ONE does.

Something about talking apples just gives me the creeps. :o

Re: the second commercial

:eek: GAAAAAH where’s his eyes where’s his eyes ew ew ew creepy make it stop! :eek:

(and shut up, I know it’s potatoes that have eyes, not apples :p)

Better than Blue Meanie apples.

That second commercial is one creepy-looking apple.

The first one I never saw before. Of course, I’ve held a grudge against Apple Jacks ever since I was in fourth grade, and saw the meanest bully in my school walk up to the checkstand and buy a box.

Just like that! And they LET him!

Fuckin’ LIARS they were, at the Apple Jacks company. :mad:

If you think apples are creepy, how about this?

Probably because it’s from circa 1965 when I was 5 years old. They had that creepy thing on the box too.

How do you feel about singing apples?

Does that nasty, talking apple TREE in the “Wizard of Oz” also creep you out? Maybe your fear stems from that scene?

But we all loved those singing, dancing California Raisins!

I saw what you did, there.