Commercials That Scare the Crap Out of You

What TV commercial makes you want to go hide in the closet with a bat and hope for all the bad things to go away?
For me it’s the new Starbuck Double Shot commercial. The one with the dancing people
“Holy shit! Dancing, chanting zombies! Get the gun!”

I personally hate the Sprite commercial which has a guy’s eye as a mouth. It drives me bat shit and makes me hate television. I also don’t care for the car commercials that are so sudden, like when the foursome is in the car talking about a movie and then WHAM, they get hit. Yes, those are effective, but F*CK do they bother me.

They played that Sprite commercial in the movie theatre before X-Men 3 and most people in the audience cringed at the eye/mouth thing.

The fact that they’re playing commercials in a movie theatre aside, this is a disturbing trend, grossing out the public to try and get attention.

[slippery slope guy]But it’s a slippery slope. Companies will do wilder and wilder stuff to get attention. Will they eventually be spraying fake blood on the public, ala Itchy and Scratchy movie billboards? Not on my watch mister.[/slippery slope guy]

It’s that #$%%^& Burger King!

The horror…the Horror… :eek:

The singing belly buttons. Just thinking about it is wigging me out.

You’re not alone! :slight_smile: I’m so glad they stopped running those.

Thinking about that ad makes me wonder what kind of singing voice other people’s belly buttons would have. . .

I think the Burger King is hilariously creepy.

Ads that feature women with enormous blonde teeth enthusing about some product, usually cleaning or dieting related. I know they just want to eat my brains.

Commercials where people just get insanely happy about cleaning, in general. I know there is a Brain Slug in that can.

Teasers for the local news. “What caused a Brooklyn house…TO EXPLODE? At 11.*” I’m not afraid my house will explode. I’m afraid my brain will explode, from the sheer banality of anomie.

That cruise line selling itself using “Lust for Life” scares me, too. Clearly, these are the last days.

*really heard this one last night

Enormous blonde teeth would creep me out, too.


The pepto Bizmo commercial with the actors doing the diarriah dance. There are several but the “rap” one is gross.


Proof reading is your friend.

I need to write that on the board one hundred times.

Jeez, can’t a guy wax poetimacal around here? “Enormous blonde teeth” is what I think when I see these brain-eating harpies, and I’m sticking to my psychotic mental image, thankyouverymuch. :wink:

The Shoney’s Grizzly burger commercial. Announcer says the CRX truck (contest prize) is “up for grabs”, and a crowd riots, beating each other up to get to the truck. It actually showed one guy punching a woman in the face.

Haven’t seen it in a bit - maybe the promotion is over (or they pulled the ad).

I also have to mention the little toe fungus guy who lifts up the toenail like a trap door. My toes curl every time I see that.

And let’s not talk about Enzyte Bob. I’d rather wake up next to the Burger King any day of the week.

That’s the one I was going to mention. That little fungus creature freaks me out.

Gotta be eye-mouth. That is just horrid. That’s one of the commercials where I change the channel and leave it there for the rest of the half hour.

The Toyota Yaris commercials are kinda disturbing. I wouldn’t want to buy a car that, all on its own, can extend a probe which kills things.

I hate these: (Contains sound)

That’s just sadistic.

There was a commercial about a year or so ago, that had a man walking home and stopping to buy a pair of pants. The lady at the store takes them off a mannequin in the window. We seem him walking all over town and just behind him (in allies, behind a bus, ect.) is the mannequin with no pants on. At the end he’s on the couch sleeping when the shadow of the mannequin passes over him. There is a thump, like the door shutting and the screen goes dark.

I’m like WTF!!!* Guess jeans. Don’t buy our pants or you will be killed in your sleep by a zombie mannequin * :eek:

It was easily the creepiest commercial ever

That’s just sadistic.