Bewitched, the movie -- What went wrong?

Let’s start with this: Everything. But one thing went wronger than everything else, which included such things as:

  1. Making it a movie about making a movie based on the Bewitched TV series. What the FUCK were they thinking? You’d think it would be fucking OBVIOUS that this was a bad idea. It’s the sort of idea you could imagine the lead characters in “The Producers” considering and rejecting in favor of “Springtime for Hitler.”

  2. Not having a single laugh out loud funny line or moment in the entire fucking movie. Not having a lot of moments or lines that are even mildly humorous. Did they not know they were doing a comedy, or what? My god, there was a ton of stuff they could do by ringing the changes on the differences in sexual politics when Bewitched was made for TV and the way things are now. And they completely missed it. Did everybody who looked at the script have a tin brain?

but most of all, they made this mistake

  1. I could not bleieve, not for an instant, not for a nanosecond, that any woman in her right mind would find Will Ferrell’s character attractive. He stunk up every scene he was in. There is NO WAY any human being would want to KNOW him, much less have sex with him. I mean, it takes all kinds, cherchez le femme and all that, but … Jeebus! Jeebus Cripes on a Bicycle! Yech! Ich! Ptooey!

I’m far from his biggest fan, but you simply do not make this movie without Jim Carrey.

LOL. Jaime cussed them out!

Eek! Mea Culpa! I posted in the wrong thread…

Two words about what went wrong with this movie. Nora Ephron.

I really don’t see the hate for it. The story idea was excellent – what did you want, just a repeat of the opening episode of the TV show? Boring. By making it a movie about the making of the movie, it added an extra dimension and I applaud it for actually trying to do something interesting instead of going for the tried and true. On that basis alone, it is better than 90% of the TV show remake films.

I’ll agree that there should have been a better Darrin than Will Ferrell, but he wasn’t all that bad.

It wasn’t classic comedy, but it was certainly a pleasant enough film and Ephron deserved kudos for trying something other than remaking the original.

And, of course, they missed the opportunity to switch Will Ferrill with Jim Carrey, midway through the film, and say Nothing about it.

Have to agree with the absolute lack of anything funny.

Shirly MacLaine wasted as Endora
Michael Caine wasted as Maurice.

I Just don’t get Will Ferrill, and I’ve tried. No…Really…I tried. :wally

But at least it had Steve Carrell’s wonderful take on Uncle Arthur - the only thing that made the film bearable!

Ditto here- I enjoyed it for what it was, including Shirley McL & Michael C…

and while Steve C did great as Uncle Arthur, I’d have tried to get Nathan Lane.

I find this idea alone brilliant, if they could’ve pulled it off quietly, without tipping off the general public. I think Jim would have gone along with it.

I also thought the concept was good. The script itself, though was just awful. It was a Nora Ephron movie with witches. Not witches torturing and killing the typical characters in a Nora Ephron film, but witches acting like the typical characters in a Nora Ephron film. The Darrin switch would have made all that OK, though. What a missed opportunity.

There was a movie?


You must have been sick that day.

There were lots of comments before the movie was out about how funny it would be to just switch actors in the middle of the film without mentioning it.

I disagree.

It’s a slightly funny thing to joke about, but there’s no way to pull it off. “Hey, wait, that’s Jim Carrey. What’s he doing here? Everybody’s calling him by the other guy’s name. Oh, they switched actors like they did on the TV show. I get it.” It would have sucked.

I haven’t seen the movie, but if they stuck with just one actor per role then they got one thing right.

I liked it ok.

I mean, I didn’t run out and buy it on DVD or anything, but I might watch it again if it came on TV.

Also, I didn’t mind Will Farrell. I would consider having sex with him after a number of martinis.

What number?

(I figure, take that number, cube it, and then I might have a chance) :cool:

Probably 4. And you’re right - if I drank 64 martinis, I would have sex with a stampeding rhino, and probably enjoy myself.

D_Odds, why do you want to have sex with Will Ferrell?

I thought that Nicole Kidman was fine, but Will Farrell stunk up the movie. He played the role like an extended SNL sketch. Just a terrible actor. Overall, the movie just wasn’t funny. Steve Carell was excellent as Uncle Arthur. Shirley MacLaine failed as Endora, but Agnes Moorehead was a tough act to follow.