Call me stupid, but I can’t wait for this movie to come out on Friday. I got this preview through my e-mail a few months ago and I couldn’t stop laughing at Will Ferrell saying those things to the dog because Samantha was making him do it. It looks really funny. Probably, as usual, they have shown the best parts in the preview.

Well, if you’re stupid, then I’ll be stupid with you. I loved watching Bewitched reruns on Nick at Nite when I was little. I can’t wait to see this movie. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go this weekend.

Some thoughts from an earlier thread

The more clips of this I see, the more I stand behind my original post.

I’ve yet to see Will Ferrell in anything that didn’t totally suck. I can’t look at Nicole Kidman without gagging- what on earth does anyone see in her? I’d rather watch Barney and Dora the Explorer than this movie.

I’m with BobLibDem on Will Farrell. Has he done anything that doesn’t make a moviegoer with more than half a brain just cringe in horror? I do think the Nicole Kidman comment is a bit unfair, though. As far as redheads go, she’s not quite Katherine Hepburn or Maureen O’Hara in the looks or talent department but she has managed a few decent performances and I hardly think she’s gag-worthy.

Could Nicole be more full of herself? I don’t care for her, but I will go see this movie.

I really don’t like Farrell, but I loved Bewitched as a child. I thought Elizabeth Montgomery was beautiful and I wanted to be able to twitch my nose that way…didn’t care for the love slave aspects of Jeannie, but Samantha Stevens was great!

I hope they had fun with it–'cause it needs to be quick and lively and (dare I say it) spritely. If not, it’ll be a lead balloon.

They’ve put some more imagination into this one than most remakes of TV shows, but Will Farrell makes me very wary. (Nicole Kidman, OTOH, is a top-notch actress.)

Still, I’ll probably go back and re-watch the original I Married a Witch.

I thought he did well enough in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Not an Oscar-worthy performance, but he didn’t suck in it.

Well, she’s very easy on the eyes, has done some really good work over her career (I especially liked her in Dogtown), and seems to be one of the few leading actresses that have a modicum of class left. Especially since her divorce.

All that said, I have absolutely no desire to see this one. Even when it hits free TV in a few years.

Funny you should mention that. They’re doing a movie based on the old I Dream Of Jeannie TV series. Here’s the obligatory IMDB link. The interesting thing is, it’s being made by the woman who made “Bend It Like Beckham.” She says it’ll be feminist prequel to the TV series. Frankly, sounds a bit more interesting than the Bewitched movie.

Nicole Kidman was fine in the trailer, but every time Ferrell came on I wanted to grab the remote and change the channel. Even though I was in a theater. He played the part as if he were in a different movie. A much worse one. In fact, it reminded me of his role in Dick, which also crapped up an interesting movie.

Well, I am a huge fan of Anchorman, but I do only have 49% of a brain, so you are probably right.

You must not have seen Dead Calm then.

No, but she could be more full of me.

I’ll take Jeannie over Bewitched. Bewitched seem much more sexist to me (especially the B&W episodes). And Darren was such a drip.

Well, actually, I’ve never liked Nicole Kidman. I just thought she looked cute in this. Will Ferrell is sometimes okay, sometimes not.

The review in Newsweek said it was a little bit good and little bit not good. (Not their exact words…)

“Where art thou, Dog?”

“Oh my God! That’s my dog!”

“You will lick my face and I will like your snout!”

She really can’t afford to gain an ounce.

Ouch- you liked that movie? Good heavens, that stunk to high heaven.

You’re right, I haven’t. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I just have a hard time seeing the attraction. If I found her on TV naked in a movie, I’d turn on baseball.

I think the feminist complaint about both shows was spot-on: they were both about men who had very powerful women in their lives, and both men’s biggest concern was that the women shouldn’t exercise any of their powers. Darrin was a lot more of wet blanket than Major Nelson – IIRC he had it as part of a condition of marriage that the Samantha couldn’t exercise her powers, whereas Major Nelson was just all “Jeannie, why did you turn the Ambassador from Gloxopatmia into a poodle?”

Both shows were, as they say, products of their times.

That’s true. Hey! Are you saying I have a small… Damn it! :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a clever response that doesn’t involve some variation of, “No I have a big penis, honest.” Nice work.