Bicycle helmets and the Snell standards.

After a couple of head injuries my doctor is possibly recommding that I no longer ride a bicycle. I don’t want to accept that option.

With what little information I have been able to come up with it seems that the most stringent helmet stadards are from Snell. Yet I haven’t been able to find a bicycle helmet that is certified by Snell. It seems that their cerifications are mainly applied to motorcycle and auto racing helmets.

Do any of you Dopers know if there is a bicycle helmet that is not a full head helmet that is certified by Snell?

If not, what is the most protective helmet that is not full face that is available?

This may be of interest to you.

From here: Bicycle Helmet Standards

With the advent of the CPSC standard, most manufacturers don’t bother with Snell certification. I thought there was a Snell B95 helmet around, but I don’t remember where I saw it - I’ll do some more checking.


IIRC, the CPSC standard is more or less equivalent to the B-90, and is required by law since 1999.

Manufacturers probably see no need to meet the Snell standards, when the CPSC ones are already required, and there aren’t any market forces for higher ones.

Spartydog, your doctor may be right. In the last few years, a lot has been learned about the brain damage that happens in repeated concussions. We used to think of concussions and head injuries as something you shake off. It’s more serious than that. Please do some checking around before you consider risking your brain again.

Hmm, cognitive thought … bike riding…

Cognitive thought … bike riding…

Gosh, that is a toughy.

Seriously, keep the brain, lose the bike. Brain am better!

Have you seen the lightweight full-face helmets that are being sold these days **spartydog **- something like this ? There’s a big market for them with the trails getting more technical. Given the choice I would not wear one myself, but if it was a case of wear it or don’t ride your bike at all then they don’t seem so bad.

Depending where and when you ride, have you considered wearing a skiing or snowboarding helmet? They’re more robust than bike helmets, although there is a trade-off in ventilation and weight. My Giro ski helmet has removable ear pads and vent plugs, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be suitable for biking, except maybe in very warm weather.