Biden positive for COVID {2022-07-21}

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“The president is fully vaccinated and twice-boosted, so I anticipate that he will respond favorably, as most maximally protected patients do,” the letter said. “Early use of Paxlovid in this case provides additional protection against severe disease.”

Much stupidity about this on Twitter. I suppose that goes without saying.

I’ve been watching the “special report” on TV. The amount of time spent on this along with the unending reporter questions seems overblown and likely to drive the twitter crowd into a tizzy. It ran for something like 30 minutes. I thought he died when I saw the special report come up.

And I may have missed it if a reporter asked about his issues with AFIB and not taking medication for that while on Paxlovid.

My daffy conspiracy-theorist landlord’s first words to my mother today were that Biden had had a heart attack.

This isn’t 2020. Almost everyone I know has had COVID. It’s not a huge deal. (if vaccinated)

It’s usually not a huge deal even if you’re not vaccinated. Joe is 79, even fully vaccinated there’s some risk at his age.

President Biden is doubly boosted and has started receiving Paxlovid. He’ll almost certainly be fine.

Hopefully this is more of a tangent than a hijack, but I’ve been fortunate to have not caught it yet (that I know of). I always felt like when trump got it in 2020, he was rushed to the hospital and given drug cocktails and meds that would have never been available to us common folk. Not sure if that’s fair to say or not.

Is it the same with “Paxlovid” (that it’s only available to those with a line of succession to the White House) or is that what gets prescribed nowadays to any mere peasant who happens to catch Covid?

Agreed based on anecdotal observation. I’m presently taking care of around 50 patients with COVID-19, none of them seriously ill compared to their baseline. And this includes people over 100 years of age with multiple comorbid illnesses, as well as some that are immunosuppressed due to organ transplants.

I have had no problems with getting Paxlovid ordered for my patient that have no contraindications. On a scale of 1 - 10 for how big a fuss the pharmacy makes when I prescribe a medication, Paxlovid is a 2.

That’s definitely fair to say. He received monoclonal antibody treatment when it was still experimental and not yet available to the public. He was in a serious health crisis when they helicoptered him to Walter Reed, so he may have died if he was just a regular schmuck like the rest of us.

Is it the same with “Paxlovid” (that it’s only available to those with a line of succession to the White House) or is that what gets prescribed nowadays to any mere peasant who happens to catch Covid?

Paxlovid is available to all and highly recommended for at-risk people as long as there are no contraindications. My SIL’s mom received it and immediately felt better. She never rebounded either and it’s been about three weeks. I think she’s in the clear.

I had this misfortune of seeing part of this. A stark reminder why I never seek out news on tv anymore. What a bunch of inane questions.

Really? I know only a handful of people that got it. My siblings and me are nine in number, with spouses, kids, grandkids and in-laws. All together it must be well over a hundred people and none of us has had covid. We are spread over a big chunk of the US.

Most of the people that I personally know that got it are situations like a couple we know has a niece that I’ve met twice got it. A few are friends and got it in NY at the beginning. I don’t think I know anyone that got it after vaccinations and boosters.

Of course some could have had it and not realized, but nobody that tested positive.

Really. I think I can count on one hand the number of people I know who have not had it yet.
I was talking to a woman a few weeks ago who didn’t want to go to a function because of covid concerns. I completely understood and supported her careful approach. She emailed me yesterday, in day two of recovery from covid. My co-workers, my family, and most of my friends have had it.

Not so.

I’ve had the vaccines and boosters. I got Omicron in Feb and it was so minor that I barely registered it. Well, at the beginning of July, I came down with BA.5. It has been a different animal for me. I am now testing negative but it was a long, painful, miserable time and I am still experiencing vision, sinus, and headache issues due to it.

Yes, it’s really weird how clusters like that happen. Another strange thing is when covid looked like it was really getting serious in NY, my wife and I packed bags and our dog and drove over 1,000 miles to a home we have in my wife’s hometown. Pretty small place, 150 thousand people. Absolutely no covid cases at all reported. A couple of months later, we had to stop patting ourselves on the back for getting out of NY because our escape destination had turned into one of the worst in the country for covid. Even made national news for a couple days. It still baffles me how fast it spread here. The whole town is like a suburb so it’s easy to avoid people for the most part. Masks were mandatory in every business, very few maskholes. Most of the stores had contactless delivery/pickup if you wanted. It still turned into a big mess.

It seems like either one knows very few people who had it (and those people weren’t very sick) or it seems that half their family and friends group not only had it, but were very sick and/or died.

I believe I had a mild case before it hit the news and do know several people personally who had diagnosed cases, all of them mild (although one of them was DXed while in the hospital for something totally unrelated). As for a fatality, the closest I am to that was one of my dad’s friends, whom I never met, who was 78 years old, obese, had uncontrolled diabetes, and although Dad never saw him drink, believed that he was also an alcoholic.

I think Joe will be okay in the end.

I don’t know anyone personally who has had Covid. My extended family is full of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, and none got it, thankfully.

Two young men and one older woman in my extended family have had it. No one in my immediate family has, nor have we as far as we know.

Biden has tested positive again.