Biden's Two Trillion Dollar Infrastructure (American Jobs) Plan

Here is the 27 page summary by the Biden administration:

As you can see it is much broader plan including dozens of programs than many of us expected.

There is a strong emphasis on expanding labor unions.

The spending will be over 8 years, but the increased taxes will be over 15 years so the plan really doesn’t pay for itself [one expects the plan to be extended in 8 years.] The tax increase will be entirely on corporations. I really think it should have included an individual personal income increase for the well off.

An interesting historical perspective:

“Biden and Democratic leaders—backed by a majority of the U.S. population—[believe] that “infrastructure” is more than just roads and bridges and encompasses all the structures that help modern society function.”

No. Traditionally this was called the President’s domestic agenda.

Compare for example LBJ and Medicare vs Biden and home care for the elderly and disabled. The two are fundamentally comparable (in fact Medicare covers the later to a certain extent). But LBJ never called Medicare infrastructure.

Biden’s use of infrastructure for this is simply a gimmick for massive deficit spending (he wants to pay for 8 years of programs with 15 years of corporate income taxes–but of course the programs will last 15+ years).