Big Bang Theory 10/20--"The Rhinitis Revelation"

It’s good to see Laurie Metcalf back.

First Evil Wil Wheaton, now Mary Cooper. Big Bang certain know who their breakout character is.

Major mistake: Mrs. Cooper did not pray for her daughter Missy.Maybe she didn’t approve of her running off with Chuck Cunningham.

Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. Laurie Metcalf is a hoot in that role.

I thought it was a very solid episode. I loved the call back to “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested,” with “Oh, he’s not crazy, I had him tested when he was 6. Though I do wish I had followed up with that specialist in Houston.” The look of befuddlement on Sheldon’s face was great.

And that happened a number of times in the episode. It seems like they’ve transitioned Sheldon into understanding the subtext of what’s being said, but completely unable to understand why it’s being said.

The scene in the church was awesomely awkward and I loved Howard’s response to Raj, “Nope, sorry. You only get one wish.”

The biggest weakness was the whole, “We don’t say that here.” The first two were pretty funny (“Oh, I thought the one we avoided was ChingChong” :D), then it seemed like they were just dragging it out.

Now they have to bring Leonard’s mother back. I would love to see how she interacts with AFF. If might be a little tricky since Christine Baranski is a regular on The Good Wife, but it doesn’t look there is a contractual problem since she has already done a cameo as a Skype call.

I’d also like episodes with Leonard’s brother and sister. I think it would cool if Leonard’s sister-in-law turned out to Ming-Na doing a reprise of her role as Linda Harris from Two and Half Men.

Laurie Metcalf is a gem.

I would love to see Sheldon’s mom interact with Leonard’s mother. Now, that would be a “hoot and a half”!

The look on Sheldon’s face when his mother told Penny how loose she was at Penny’s age was worth any flaws in the show.

That and Howard’s “That was the last Jew to do sit-ups.” line.

Meh… a few chuckles, and Metcalf was great with her limited material, but that may have been the weakest BBT episode I’ve ever seen. (I’ve come to the show recently and haven’t seen all the early ones)

I have no idea why, but my DVR (AND my daughter’s DVR) unaccountably failed to record the episode.

Is the episode available on Hulu?

Hulu will bump you straight to and you can watch it there.


I thought this was easily the best episode in a long time. Laurie Metcalf just proves how talented she is. From Roseanne to the Norm Show, she is near brilliant in everything she does.

I like this because it humanizes Sheldon who acts like a real person, instead of a caricature. It shows that Sheldon is like he is, soley because he surrounds himself with people who let him get away with it. Other than his mother, and sister, Leslie Winkle was the only other person to normalize Sheldon.