The Big Bang Theory, March 13, 2014 -- "The Mommy Observation"

I’m starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

It’s nice to see that they are picking up directly from last week’s episode.

best line.

maybe we should sit at the table.

Sheldon has “the talk” with his mother. Priceless!

mom and Shelly made this episode.

I thought the best part of the episode was the button. FF 20 yrs from and Stuart still pathetic and all alone.

Kinda surprised they went there, but found the show funnier than it’s been in several episodes now. They should have revealed Penny’s motive even after she ruined the game.

I’m going to need another clue!

The wife is positive that Bernadette has gone down a cup size. Anybody else think so?

Roughly by my recall.

Sheldon wanted to sit and talk with his mom. She said , “let’s sit on the couch”. Sheldon said he wanted to sit on a piece of furniture they hadn’t fornicated on. Mom hesitates and says.

She is on Letterman tonight.

I’ll take a look.:smiley:

I’ll have to rewatch it. It strikes me the possibilities are:

  1. She went down a cup size.
    B. She isn’t wearing the cardigan.
    III. She’s wearing a different style dress
    4th. She’s wearing a different style bra.

In the interest of complete disclosure, I should admit I am not the owner/operator of breasts, although I’ve been an admirer of them for longer than I care to admit. And I submit that there’s more (or less, for that matter) to them than meets the eye. :cool:

No matter how hard I look. :o

Terrible episode. Unfortunately, I’m just watching out of inertia.

BTW people were total jerks towards Raj

Ooh, a Demon with a Glass Hand reference, impressive. If Sheldon had been there, he’d have surely pointed out that it was filmed at the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, which, although not named for noted science fiction author Ray Bradbury, is nonetheless significant because it was also later used in the filming of Blade Runner. But he wasn’t.

And I totally called it on Amy Farrah Fowler winning a Nobel Prize and Penny becoming a famous actress.

Did an image search for Melissa Rauch as a starting point.

I need a sit down. And a think.

I’ll be in my bunk.

No they weren’t. If any of my friends pulled a stunt like that with no warning I’d be peeved too.

Raj needs to get hit by a bus so they can replace him with Stuart, who is less pathetic.


As much of this season has been, IMO.

Is this what the next three years of the show has in store?

I disagree on both. Best episode this season. I was laughing through much of it. On the Raj thing, no, just no. Don’t force your friends into a stupid game they don’t want to play. They were actually very nice to him all things considered especially after his goofy lie for sympathy about being a lonely fat kid.

You can’t be noticing this just now, can you?

Previous image searches found this. Not this.