Big Bang Theory 11/16--"The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

I thought the two stories were laugh out loud funny, especially the emergency room scene with Penny & Sheldon. I don’t know how those two act together without cracking up.

All Big Bang fans, check out this week’s TV Guide (11/16 to 22). Courtney Cox is on the cover, the cover story being "What’s hot. Big Bang gets mentioned as “Hotter than ever”–Four geeks and a hot girl: funny. Four geeks and a hot girl with a dream cast and genius writing: hilarious.

And one the last page, Quotable: I gew up in Textas. Football is ubiquitous in Texas: Pro fottall, college football, high-school football, pee-wee football, in fact every form of football except the orginal European football, which most Texans believe to be a commit plot–Sheldon Cooper on his suprising knowledge of football.

I really liked the Sheldon/Penny plot, but the boys in the desert was boring. High people being silly is only really funny if you are high with them. Otherwise it is just annoying. It is pretty cheap writing too - I think the writers just didn’t know what to do so they went to an old standby: lets have them eat some some pot-brownies without knowing it, har, har, har. It doesn’t really matter though, the show is really the Sheldon and Penny show anyway. Hell, they could just have those two end up as roomates somehow and get rid of the other boys for all I care.

“Cause of accident: Lack of adhesive ducks.”

“I’ll just put down ‘in progress’”.

Yes, I will never again be able to hear the two words “in progress” with giggling.

My daughter & I both laughed out loud when Sheldon was in the waiting room trying to comfort Penny. Oh my gosh. And the Soft Kitty duet/round was perfect.

BTW, they were pot cookies, not brownies.


Jim Parsons has a rather pleasant singing voice…it’s kind of choirboy, with a sort of “I’m performing a recital” quality to it.

The look Sheldon gave Penny when she suggested the round and started singing. Only Parsons could convey so much with one solid long expression.

“The hero always peeks” I didn’t think Sheldon had it in him. Darn right I would have peeked.

To be fair, Cucuo(sp?) was cracking up when she got on the bed. Luckily her character being looped out on pain meds mostly hid that.

I agree - the “stoned” bit was less than I expect of/hope from this show.

Almost made me a question the other plot, to the extent it relied on Penny being zonked on meds.

Lazy attempt for cheap laughs.

And I know we shouldn’t let reality intrude, but she didn’t want to wait for a cab, but would wait for Sheldon to do all that was involved in him driving?
How did she get that t-shirt over her dislocated arm.
And as quickly as she hopped up in the tub when Sheldon came,she sure could have done that before…

oh, please don’t make reality intrude on a show I really enjoyed.

“The hero always peeks” - what a great line

“I suppose it does take courage to be that committed to soup.”

Some of the best lines of the season, for sure. “Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks” and Raj explaining his plan to rule the worlds bunny population had me dying.

“I would be kind to my rabbit subjects…at first.”

The other two were just kind of standard variety stoned sitcom character but Raj cracked me up.

Also, Raj cracking up at Howard’s American accent.

I came into say I thought that was hysterical, although I think he was speaking about Leonard in particular and Americans in general. Loved his imitation.

Mark me as a “loved the episode”

I’d be kind to my bunny subjects… at first…

I would eat all of the lettuce and make them watch.

Less funny than usual, still a big fan.