Big Bang Theory 12/14--The Maternal Congruence

Another funny episode. Sheldon gets to 1st base!

“I’ve been responsible for my own orgasms since 1982.”

I loves me some Christine Baranski!

Is Penny’s Check Engine light a running gag or was this just a callback to the ep when Leonard had to take her to the ER a few weeks ago?

Maybe they’re setting up something for the future, like in the season finale she has to race to the university to proclaim her love for Leonard and her car breaks down.

I think they were showing us the similarities between Sheldon and the Mom. I guess to set up that final scene.

Is it my imagination or is Leonard’s Mom loosely based on Temple Grandin? Especially with Leonard mentioning that he built a hug machine! (Temple actually did that!)
This eppy was hilarious …back in college I actually had a professor who talked about his penis publicly!

Penny’s check engine light is something of a running gag. The first mention (IIRC) was early in the second season, in the episode where Leonard was working nights and Sheldon needed a lift to work, and it was later mentioned* in the episode where Penny borrowed money from Sheldon.

*The exchange being:

Sheldon: If you recall, I pointed out the check engine light to you several months ago.

Penny: Well, the check engine light is fine; it’s still blinking away. It’s the stupid engine that stopped working.

This series fills a gap I’ve felt since the end of Frasier - seeing intellectuals trade barbs.

Did anything happen after the kiss? I knew it went to commercial, but wonder if there was a final “during the credits” sequence


Yes, I actually got the full credits on my DVR this time, (because Castle was a rerun so I didn’t need to stop recording BBT a minute early.)

Briefly, it involved Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, and Mom H all in the car, taking her back to the airport.

Leonard’s mom apologized to Sheldon for her inappropriate behavior. Leonard asked, “What inappropriate behavior?” and they all agreed that it was better he didn’t know.

“You been tapping my homegirl?”

Great episode.

That’s funny - I miss the opening of Castle so that I don’t miss the ending of The Big Bang Theory. But Castle I can see online, so that is one reason.

Overall, pretty good. But once again they go with “character gets intoxicated.” I generally dislike this, as it is so rarely done well. Reflects sloppy writing IMO.

Yeah, it is just a sitcom. But drawing from my considerable experience as a former heavy drinker, it bugs me that an ostensibly brilliant person would just choose to start drinking like that, that a non-drinker would just toss back however many shots of whatever brown liquor they were drinking, that anyone drinks and is served in the manner they were (“Hit us again!” repeatedly in a matter of minutes), and she did not act like any of the countless drunks I’ve encountered.

I think convincingly playing drunk is extremely difficult, and IMO CB did not pull it off.

I really like this show, so I guess I expect more of it than the usual crap on TV.

It appears that Raj thinks Leonard’s mother is hot.

…And Sheldon’s, from the season premiere.
We’ve discussed it before, but I’ll say again that it’s time for Raj to get over his can’t-talk-in-front-of-women affliction. It was funny for a minute; now it’s an artifact that limits the character’s usefulness.

It could even make for a good episode, wherein he sees a psychologist and/or has some sort of breakthrough, thus preserving the continuity of the series.

“Do you really think having your seatly lips whispering in my ear is gonna help the situation?”

I thought this episode was weaker than usual, which I didn’t expect with the incredible Christine Baranski guest starring. It felt kind of “special Christmas episode” forced to me.

OOh, I just had the best idea - Leonard’s mom and Sheldon’s mom getting to know each other (Sheldon’s mom is played by another brilliant comedic actress, Laurie Metcalf).

It’s funny how three of the four guys seem to have absent or weak fathers and very strong mothers. Only Raj’s family is traditional, yet he has trouble talking to women?

Before the series is over, Sheldon is going to have sex with Leonard’s mom. It IS going to happen.

Which would be the greatest example of shark jumping since Fonzie actually jumped the shark.