The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 4 (October 16, 2017) -- "The Explosion Implosion"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Better than last week, but still not up to par. They also exhibited extremely sloppy safety protocols around the “launch” of the Saturn 5.

Why does Sheldon’s mother hate him so?

Did I miss something?

Yes. You missed the part where I am dumb. I meant Leonard’s mom.

Well, that was horrible.

I have been a fan of this show since Day One. My favorite episode is the one where Penny gives Sheldon a napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s DNA.

They lost me at the beginning when Howard and Bernadette find out the sex of their baby and say, “Meh.” Really? Way to start off your kid’s life with an attitude.

I did like Howard teaching Sheldon to drive, but everyone is so mean and self-centered. Leonard and Amy didn’t even have a real conversation. They just talked over each other.

I am so disappointed.

Leonard has just never lived up to her expectations. His siblings (can’t remember how many) have all had more successful careers.
Perhaps someone else can come along with specifics about them…

Leonard’s brother, Michael, is a Harvard law professor and is engaged or married to the youngest appellate court judge in New Jersey history. Leonard also says that his brother is eight inches taller than him. Later in Season 8, it is revealed that he had recently argued a case before the Supreme Court. He has not yet appeared in the program.

Leonard’s sister, whose name is unknown is a cutting-edge medical researcher working with adolescent gibbons to cure diabetes. She has even gone as far as successfully growing a human pancreas in one. Leonard also says that she is 38 years old and married in Season 4. She has not yet appeared in the program.

This is from The Big Bang wiki.

I enjoyed this episode, particularly seeing Sheldon and Howard alone together. And Sheldon’s closing line “You can keep it.”

“I married you to hurt her and you’re ruining it!” was hilarious. And just like Leonard, he accepted his mother’s crumbs being proud of him but only because of Penny. She is such a bitch.

“Slow down!”
“You’re not my father!”
I like how they brought back the fact that Sheldon learned how to drive from the episode of Amy and Sheldon secrets.

I enjoyed Amy and Leonard talking past each other.

All in all, an enjoyable episode.

Beverly is a bitch, but she needs to show up now and then to give us a little sympathy for Leonard, who is otherwise insufferable. The Leonard-Amy conversation was pretty trite and overdone. WTF with Howard and Bernadette? They have a boy and they can teach him nerd things. Who says that every boy has to be raised like a NASCAR-loving hunter and athlete? Sheldon driving was great. Howard’s “L-Minus” was weird, I personally have never heard the term and I’ve seen plenty of launches. Other complaint- the Penny Skin Factor has been pretty nonexistent for the past couple seasons. Time to get her back as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

The sweater she was wearing during her conversation with Beverly made it look like she’d put on about 30 lbs.

I’m okay if she spills out of the costume a bit now.

I’m more than ok with it. It just seemed rather out of character for her to be wearing such chunky clothing at home, where she gets to control the thermostat.

It seems they’re deliberately de-sexifying Penny in the series now. I just wonder now if she’s married and her and Leonard both have decent incomes, why aren’t the buying a house? Or at least a condo?

That will be a plot line in the final season. Both couples in the building buy houses and move out. The final scene is a new generation of geeks move in - only the sexes are reversed!

The median home price in Pasadena is around $750,000. Even well-off folks sometimes have trouble buying decent property in urban CA if they’re youngish and just entering the market. Even if you can handle the mortgage, the down payment can be a daunting barrier.

Too late to add, but on reflection I really don’t see this. But then I see nothing unusual about attractive women lounging around in their sweats in the privacy of their own home - it’s pretty normal IME :). It would be a lot weirder if they had her all dolled up while eating Chinese food out of containers with close friends in her own living room.

I was annoyed by the “Howard can’t be a proper father” subplot, as well. Modern culture is actually fairly nerd-friendly, I think. It simply would not be a problem if the kid had no interest in sports. And if the little guy did like sports, then Bernie’s dad would be helpful in that area!

There’s another thing that bugged me…what, you can’t teach Halley to fire rockets and play Mystic Warlords of Ka’a?