The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 24 (May 12, 2016) -- "The Convergence Convergence"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of season nine’s final episode, which airs tonight.

Is Leonard getting squatter and squatter? Is Mary Cooper a little too loose to be such a Bible thumper? So far we know she banged her churchmate that Sheldon saw through the window, at least dated (and perhaps will become Sheldon’s future dad) the university President and now, Leonard’s dad.
Beverly is an irredeemable, first class bitch. End of story.

If I was Leonard I would tell Beverley to go fuck herself and have zero contact with her for the rest of my life. There is absolutely nothing funny about the character and her interaction with Leonard. Nothing. Zero. Watching that character is depressing.

A scene i would have inserted in the show would have been;

LEONARD; '‘So dad cheated on you and ruined your self respect. Does that bother you"’

BEVERLY: “Of course it bothers me, that miserable son of a bitch!”

LEONARD (innocently): “Mmmm. You should probably work on that.”

Galecki is gaining weight, and has been for years. It seems now, unlike previous seasons, he’s not bothering to fight it.

Mary has often mentioned she struggles with her own promiscuity, so there’s nothing really out of character there. And it feeds into the show’s stereotyping of devout people as bigoted hypocrites.

As for Beverly, let’s remember that she’s basically a female Sheldon, and the marriage is Leonard and Sheldon’s relationship with a (limited) sexual component. Sheldon has already demonstrated the same inclinations as Beverly to withhold affection and intimacy, belittle loved ones and experiment on those around him.

What would be interesting is for Leonard and Amy to realize this, and that where the Hofstetters are is where they’re headed if they keep Sheldon in their lives.

As for Leonard’s dad, I thought he was in a relationship with a waitress (similar to his son)? I thought the affair is what ended the marriage, and the parallel is why Leonard delayed telling Beverly about Penny.

There’s also the stereotype of people being aghast at their parents having lives. Why was everyone so bothered that Leonard’s dad and Sheldon’s mom went back to the hotel together? If they enjoy each other’s company (in whatever form that takes), that’s a good thing, right?

Ah, I’m sure Beverly ended the marriage first. Leonard’s dad was just the first to call it quits, though. Beverly would have been more than happy to continue in a loveless relationship.

I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to meet the rest of Penny’s family. We’ve already met Wyatt. I’m wondering who’s her mom. I think Bonnie Hunt would be good, but I’ve long thought she’s been under used by Hollywood.

I’ve noticed Amy has been replacing Penny in, um, taming Sheldon.

Agreed, but her strengths don’t fit a lot of Hollywood roles. Personally, I think she should host an American version of QI.

. . . except that may lead to Leonard and Sheldon becoming step-brothers. :eek:

I think it was the funniest episode in a long while. Since I like the series best when they show the actual work that the guys do, and make it believable, I loved the sub-plot with Howard’s invention. Raj’s paranoia about being spied on through the laptop camera was especially good.

The military probably has attorneys who comb through the register of new patents to look for promising inventions, which should have occurred to Howard.

Hilarious! Love it. :slight_smile:

I thought that Howard had worked with the military before. Am I wrong?

Yeah, but would they have sent an e-mail? I would imagine a visit in person is warranted.

Didn’t we find out that Howard was not entitled to patent royalties because he’s a government employee. If so, I think that might give the government and therefore the military rights to use the invention.

And their paranoia about being followed in the car was hilarious.

How long has it been since Bernie got pregnant? Should she have a baby bump, even a little one, by now?

Everyone wasn’t bothered. Leonard and Sheldon were bothered, Amy & Beverly didn’t react, and Penny thinks it’s hilarious. Sheldon’s bothered for obvious reasons, since he was upset to learn his mother still has sex with anyone, and Leonard is probably bothered since he’ll have to deal with Sheldon.

I suspect it will have to do with the Invention Secrecy Act. Basically, yes, the military does keep an eye on patents, and if they decide one is really useful to the USA and equally useful to keep out of everyone else’s hands, they’ll declare it secret, and the people applying for the patent are shit out of luck. The government will pay for using the invention and for damages incurred for declaring the invention secret (such as being barred from selling it commercially), but the government decides how much that compensation will be. If you don’t like it, you can try to sue them at your own expense. A new & improved guidance system seems like it’s exactly the kind of thing the Air Force would love to have & keep secret.

That just goes to show that it takes all kinds; I’ve been a fan of this show since Ep. 1, and there’s literally nothing interesting to me about the guys’ work.

I don’t think there’s a direct correlation between TV time and real time. You’re assuming the characters spend some 6 days, 23.5 hours between episodes.

What we know is that Mary banged her churchmate and was flirty with the other two. :dubious:

Given that her husband died when Sheldon was 14, she’s been a widow for 20 or so years. One confirmed and two presumed sexual partners during that time is pretty chaste, even for a Bible thumper.

Why would they contact Howard at all? The university has control over the patent, doesn’t it?