The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 18 (March 10, 2016) -- "The Application Deterioration"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

How many new shows are left? And why was last week a rerun?

Show wasn’t funny, totally jumped the shark, characters are changing and boring. Show was inconsistent as well.

Did I do it right?

Hey! NO spoilers.

Emily returns.

I think Raj’s storyline was based entirely on them realising Alessandra Torresani is too good not to keep around.

Let’s hope it’s only temporary. :mad:

Raj is going from a mere douchebag to a punching bag, woman-wise. Whatever happened to his pussy-whipped app?

I’m somewhat surprised none of them knew that the work they did for pay meant that the university owned most of the patent. Especially Howard, being a federal employee he probably has to go through annual training on all their policies.

Heck, I’m surprised Sheldon & Leonard get any ownership in the patent. Every place I’ve worked if you get a patent, all they give you a token bonus payment. And a plaque.

You have to complain that now that Bernie is pregnant, you’re not going to watch any more. Make sure to do that in multiple threads after multiple episodes.

Agree about this. I’ve got four patents, for which I got four very worn one dollar bills. I didn’t even get a plaque. Or even a good printout of the patents.

A likely scenario! She is a great comedic actress.

I liked that they kept Sheldon consistent with not caring about the money. I am surprised, after Leonard was burned with previous contracts (Priya saved him from one and threw him under the bus for the other) that he would go along with Sheldon writing the contract. Bernie was right…a lawyer should review it, if only to make sure Sheldon, who is not a lawyer, didn’t miss anything.

I loved the line about Leonard finding copies of contracts under Sheldon’s bed. Hee hee.

So if they get the patent on their own, can the university sue them? Can any science Dopers speak to the legitimacy of Howard’s idea?

Sweet moment with Sheldon setting up a scholarship for the baby.

As far as Emily goes, I think it was true to Raj to fall for her again, because in the past he’s wanted to marry blind dates. I don’t think Claire has gone away, though. She’ll be back.

I don’t think the idea was for them to get the patent on their own, but for Leonard and Sheldon to give a third of the 25% of royalties that they get to Howard.

Yes. Very, very much yes. Especially since they have already talked to the University patent attorney. They’ve undoubtedly signed employment agreements that say that any patentable work they produce is the property of the University. Note that these agreements are generally restricted to patents related to your job - so actually, Sheldon’s “Dumb as a bag of Geologists” t-shirt and mug ideas would probably be his alone. But absolutely, a physics theory they came up while employed as physicists, that they used University equipment to test, would be University property. And after that storming out of the office scene, it’s a near certainty the patent attorney will keep an eye out for newly filed patents with the names “Hofstader, Cooper, and Wolowitz” on them.

But I agree with Dewey Finn, I think they were planning to go through the University, and give Howard 1/3 of their 25%.

As for practicality of the idea, doesn’t it rely on supercooled helium to generate the quantum vortex? So if I want one of these perpetual gyroscopes, I just need a way of keeping helium really, really cold.

If you spread the word that Caltech is giving plaques that might change. You shouldn’t expect too good of a plaque, but at least something.

Another beautiful theory slain by ugly facts.

Emily needs to turn out to be a serial killer, and Raj her next victim. Then the show can dump the both of them.

Bernie and Howard actually worked this week. They were very cute and believable together.

I didn’t even recognize Zoe *from *Caprica with platinum hair. Well, her geek credentials are definitely in order.

Not only for Sheldon not missing anything but also for him trying to screw them over like clauses, or loopholes, he has put into the Roommate agreement and the Relationship Agreement.

Like with his, “I will not make fun of Howard.” and then pages later adding an addendum with weasel words that basically said, “Unless I feel like it.”

Overall a good episode in moving the show forward but not that funny.

All I got for my patent was a steak dinner in the employee cafeteria.

One thing I didn’t like was Penny being the pesky snoopy neighbor. She should be Lucy, not Ethel. And her “make your own milk” seemed like something Howard would say.

I give this episode two thumbs up. They’re moving along the maturing relationships in a logical way, and the main conflicts are believable. I love Sheldon and his contracts, and Penny’s remark to Amy that a make-out session was coming for Amy that night.

I was disappointed that Raj ended up in bed with Emily at the end, as I was rooting for the new girl. She has much better chemistry with Raj and feels like she’d be a good fit with the ensemble. I was chanting “Dump, dump, dump” at the screen.