The Big Bang Theory, Season 8, Episode 22 (April 23, 2015) -- "The Graduation Transmission"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

It’s gonna suck, writing has gotten lame, characters are stale, Shamy are not yet coitusing, Leonard and Penny are still whiny, worst episode yet …

Did I miss anything?

Penny"s hair is ugly. The characters are too mean Nobody watches anymore.

Its has jumped a frenzy of sharks already and I am never watching again.

(but I reserve to the right to bitch about the episode next week)

Sheldon wasn’t being oblivious or antisocial he was just being an asshole.


I liked it that they paired [characters that don’t usually get paired (Sheldon/Penny, Bernadette/Stewart, Leonard/Raj etc)], I hope we see those two together more often.


I liked the new story line, but the writers are probably too stupid to remember it next week and they’ll never revisit it.

Nobody watches it anymore because it’s gotten too popular.

IIRC (going back to my joke post), Leonard already has a drone/quadcopter. Penny got it for him a while back when he was having a bad day. Not that it would have played into this story line, but you’d think at some point it would have been mentioned (‘hey, maybe we should ask Leonard for help, he has one’).

I liked Leonard’s speech. I was certain there would be some camera glitch causing hilarity with his robe or something.

I just assumed that as well. Considering Penny mentioned it twice, I figured at some point he would close the laptop or it the screen would fall or get bumped and they would see what was below the bottom of the robe (however the writers wanted to play that).
The funny thing was, at the last part of the speech, I was just about to fast-forward it because I was getting bored, then I remembered that it’s a sitcom, either they were setting us up for something or they were going to cut away again. They weren’t going to leave us for more than 30 seconds watching Leonard drone on.

What was everybody doing off work? Graduation is on a school day, and it wasn’t a California holiday. How were every single one of them sans Amy off work on the same weekday?

My High School Graduation was on a Sunday.

Public School in New York.

I sit corrected then.

Penny sure knows how to turn disappointment into success. She was loving in this episode and it was great to see.

There was one bit that made me laugh aloud, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. It sucks to get old… I did kinda giggle at Rag playing his parents.

Well, darn it all to heck! I had bus problems yesterday evening, and missed the show. How embarrassing…

Saw an article that there’s a reason there hasn’t been much Amy Farrah Fowler the past few weeks, and a fairly sad one at that. It seems Mayim Bialik’s father passed away, and she’s been mostly attending to family stuff recently.

Maybe Howard finally giving in and calling Tech Support and Raj’s phone ringing?

Or “We’re taking a helicopter to Vegas, baby!”

That was it!

there are two kinds of people.

Cheap joke, but it busted me up as well. :wink: