Big Bang Theory - March the First, 2010 Anno Domini

Obviously a very Sheldon-centric episode, though Raj’s shirt was pretty funny. Penny pre-empting Sheldon’s door knock was good as well. And the judge’s name was a nice touch.

“Please tell the judge I’m ready to apologize.”

The vanity card was the best part of the episode.

I thought it weak. And the shirt - after I got over the initial amusement at the imperial march, I found myself questioning what sort of interface would allow such instantaneous audio selection…

What part of Sheldon’s persona had him dress in that suit and tie?

The one line that got me to chuckle was “That’s my spot.”

Thinkgeek has been marketing this shirt for a while, although the site now has “as seen on TBBT.”

I think he’s worn that suit before, to some conferences and talks. I just think it’s the only suit he owns, and being Sheldon, since it’s a perfectly serviceable suit, he’s not going to buy another one just to be fashionable.

And in the next scene, the guy is moved. I would have LOVED to see the exchange that set that up.

Penny was the only one who was nice to Sheldon. And he was a total dick in return. Par for the course, I know, but it seemed especially vicious this episode.

Looking at him in that suit, it made me think that he would make an *excellent *Joker.

I laughed my ass off from beginning to end. The Sheldon/Penny interactions just kill me - it might look like Sheldon really lit into Penny this episode, but she gives as good as she gets with him. In this case, her casual treatment of a ticket caused Sheldon to miss out on STAN FRIKKIN’ LEE - Penny’s lucky Sheldon didn’t just kill her outright.

I thought Sheldon’s suit was perfect, too - that’s a physicist’s suit if I ever saw one.

And Sheldon now has a Stan Lee restraining order to put up next to his Leonard Nimoy one - awwww. :smiley:

I tried asking this question earlier, but I accidentally put it in the Amazing Race thread.

Why didn’t Sheldon defense work? About confronting your accusers (6th amendment). I am sure it has been tried many times.

And JayJay did find it hilarious thinking about Penny and Sheldon team on the Amazing Race. I do too.

Very good episode. Penny and Sheldon make a great comedy team and anytime you put the two together and give them a project it’s funny. Raj and Howard had their moments too, wilth only Leonard falling short. It’s getting to the point where they don’t need him.

Penny is rapidly becoming straightmen to all the guys. They are going to need to give Leonard a personality or shift him back to the straight man. Penny doesn’t seem the least bit upset the comic book store owner is asking her out, even it it isn’t a “real date,” and the writers throw “Can I bring Leonard” as kind of an afterthought

It was nice in a way the writers avoided the obvious interaction of Sheldon with the toughs in jail. It would’ve been nice to see a bit of interaction.

The only failing is Sheldon is moving away from being a brilliant guy over all to one of focused brilliance. His arguments for why he shouldn’t be found guilty were totally weak and without merit. Even a law 101 student would see this. Sheldon is capable of much, much better preperation. In the past Sheldon excels in science but also has an above level grasp of academic things.

Also Sheldon would never not cash his checks. This is a ridiculous set up for the main premise of the traffic violation. Sheldon gives a weak excuse he doesn’t trust banks, but what good is a check? It’s a worthless piece of paper. Shedon previously wasn’t stupid about such things. Sheldon would’ve been smart enough to grasp Econ 101 and either cash the checks and keep the cash in the drawer or at least buy gold or some other kind of precious metal to have worth. Sheldon would know a check is just a piece of paper.

It doesn’t work because it’s not classed as a moving violation. It’s classed similarly to a parking ticket. Then the states have additonal laws to allow for things, such as in some states the quality of the person in the picture must be “XXX”

I missed that. What was it, “Dredd”?

I knew he had a Leonard Nimoy napkin (a gift from Penny, so missing Stan Lee should have just made them even), but was there any previous reference to a restraining order from Nimoy?

I loved the episode, but I sure wish that Stan had more screentime!

Penny looked absolutely fabulous dressed up for court! Wow!

And the Sheldon/Penny interaction was, as always, superb!

That she did. I also liked her reading of the testimony Sheldon wrote for her.

J. Kirby :smiley:

Good episode, although now I can’t get one of those shirts to wear the first day of school. Raj even stole my entrance music!

I told my So that he should be the next Riddler.

Actually I like the fact that Sheldon is full of shit law-wise, he shouldn’t be some Mr. Fantastic polymath, though he obviously thinks he is. In the episode with the cricket when he and the guys brought it to an actual entomologist he was flat out told he was wrong. Also, Sheldon strikes me as one of those hard science people who insist all social science is stoopid.

I don’t… think… so. But don’t go by me - my memory is not all it used to be.

Sheldon might not cash his cheques because he just doesn’t care about money - we established that last year (?).

Raj forgot to mention Bucky Barnes and Betty Brant.

And worst of all, Paste Pot Pete.

:confused: I feel so ungeeky.:o

The judges name was Judge Taylor.